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David Mamet’s Race Playing at Celebration Arts Theater

“Race”, presented at Celebration Arts theater and directed by James Wheatley, is very serious with melodramatic overtones. It explores in great detail the tracings of our American concerns about racial differences, racial equality, and the lengths to which afflicted people will go to either conceal racial slurs they might have made or thought of making, or to confess them and seek to absolve themselves of guilt.

In this widely produced play, the author, David Mamet, portrays an accused man of high rank and social esteem who has sought a legal defense for a rape charge. The defense firm is multi-racial, and the length to which these lawyers go to build a safe haven case for their client is rendered asunder by one of their team who asserts some possibly spurious facts and figures into the case, not to mention her own racial and gender biases.

The actors are very convincing, especially the newly hired recent graduate female attorney. This is possibly her first on stage case, and she makes some mistakes. She tries to correct them, and I will say no more of the plot.

Don’t miss your chance to see one of the remaining 4 performances of “Race” at the Celebration Arts Theater this Thursday, August 7-Sunday, 10. Tickets can be purchased online at www.celebrationarts.net or by calling 916-455-2787.

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Robin Aurelius is a retired librarian, member of CSUS Friends of the Library, politicfal activist, church organist, accordion player, folk singer, storyteller, member of Sons Retirement Branch 33, theater goer, member of Nextdoor Sacramento, and writer for the Sacramento Press

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