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Interning with Sacramento Press give interns the opportunity to be part of the world of online journalism, to gain valuable experience, and to see their work published and their portfolio built.

Our internships focus on giving college students the opportunity to pursue their writing passions while developing journalistic writing skills. Interns will acquire experience in firsthand writing of articles and will be responsible to research, conduct interviews (if needed), and produce articles that will be published on the sacramentopress.com. Each intern will work closely with the Editor, who will review articles prior to publication, be in regular communication with the intern, and guide them in developing editorial skills.

Internships are offered on a semester-by-semester (or quarter) basis. Interns can complete articles remotely, but must meet up with the Editor approximately once-monthly. Hours are flexible and able to determined based on schedule and/or academic need. Recent grads are also welcome to apply. Internship is unpaid. Press passes provided if needed.

Completion of journalism courses and/or experience is preferred but not required. Ability to write clear and engaging articles, and to be self-motivated and professional is a must.

To learn more and/or discover what internship offerings are currently available, email us [email protected].com.

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