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Partner with Sacramento Press to promote your business or event in our community. Since 2008, local businesses have reached the Sacramento region online with our affordable advertising packages that include web banners, social media marketing, email marketing, and branding. In November 2018, we added another effective option geared especially for local businesses by launching SacPress Deals, a website wherein deals provided by local companies serve as a conduit to grow customers and company awareness in the community.

Why Advertise with SacPress?


No matter your advertising need, SacPress has a host of options. Multiple banner ad placements, sizes, and pricing give businesses flexibility that fits every budget. News from Our Sponsors is content-based advertising that gives residents the opportunity to uniquely engage with your brand. SacPress Deals offers an alternate marketing approach in which listing deals on the site is free while we earn commission on the sale of your deal. No matter the marketing route you choose, our aim is to positively reach consumers and maximize your advertising dollars.

Visibility-Based Banner Ad Placements

Most our ads are placed in or around articles to ensure visibility by readers visiting the site. We consider reader behaviors and monitor stats and clicks to determine the most effective placements. We’re happy to make recommendations on which placements garner the most visibility and/or clicks!

A special “Support Local” Section for Small Businesses

Housed in the sidebar sitewide, the Support Local section is especially designed for small businesses on a budget. Placing ads under a heading reminds consumers the importance and value of supporting local businesses. Pricing in this section is intentionally inexpensive, because we know money can be tight as a small business. After all, we want to support local as much as we hope consumers will.

News from Our Sponsors: Leverage the Power of Media

Unique to SacPress is a writing add-on package to be featured in News from Our Sponsors, a section devoted to giving the community a chance to hear from our sponsors in the form of articles. Available in single or multiple-month options, News from Our Sponsors articles give you the ability to share out news about upcoming events, business happenings, values, or an offering of expertise on a topic no one knows better than yourself. Articles are published sitewide once-monthly, housed in the News from Our Sponsors section, and shared out on social media.

Not a writer? We have a News from Our Sponsors package in which we do the writing! Ask for more info in advertising inquiry below.


Discounts that result in big savings are offered for multiple ad placements and extended advertising periods. We also have occasional specials on packages and ads that we’re happy to share with you. Ask for more information to learn more!

One month to One Year Advertising Periods

Advertising on SacPress is a quick and easy process where anything is possible, from 30-day to 3 month, 6 month, 12 month advertising periods, and everything in between.

SacPress Deals: An Alternate Approach

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to grow your customer base. SacPress Deals attracts new customers by giving them an incentive to try your product. You list a deal on our website for free while we market the deal and earn commission for that work. We utilize social media, cross promotion “ads” on both sites, and email marketing to tell others about your business and deal. Since listing is free, you’ll never send us money–we’ll only ever send you money based on sales. That means this is an alternate advertising approach that requires no upfront costs or marketing budget. Learn more by inquiring below or visiting sacpressdeals.com/welcome.


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