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INTERVIEW: Lido on his next Chapter of Music

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We recently sat down with Peder, better known by his stage name Lido, to catch up on the new things he has cooking up.

It was a hot desert day at day two of Coachella. We had just seen Lido accompany Jaden Smith’s iconic set in the Sahara tent, which also included guest appearances from Will, Jaden, and Willow Smith.

When we first sat down to talk, Peder was very invested in his new ladybug friend that landed on his shoulder while entering the press area. Once he set his friend down on the picnic table we were sitting at we dove into the sound and core of new Lido.

INTERVIEW: Lido on his next Chapter of Music

SP: I know you’re here supporting Jaden’s Coachella set, but can you elaborate more on your relationship with Jaden, and the music you make together?

Lido: We were introduced through a mutual friend, like many, many years ago. We had a really emotional moment yesterday [at Coachella] because we realized we’ve known each other for five years. But yeah he’s become a really good friend of mine. I’m a really big fan of his, and he really likes working with me. It’s a good creative thing as well. We both like making music that is limitless, and making stuff that’s really pushing the boundaries, and he’s always willing to go the extra mile together with me.

So we’ve been making music, some of it is already out. I did a bunch of work on his last album. He’s done some songs with me, too, but we’ve been working on his next project which is coming out very soon. And it’s really good. I’m stoked.

SP: Back to Lido, I know you just wrapped up your IOU and IOU2 projects that included a tour and private screenings for the project. How was that?

Lido: It was amazing, really, really special. It was so cool to do a bunch of movie theaters across the country. I got to hang out with my friends. I got to talk about music. We basically did a little Q&A session after each showing, where we talked about the movie and then I would just hang out and take questions with people. And some really cool conversations came out of it. This project was really special to me so I wanted it to feel intimate, and to be with my core fans, so it was very special.

SP: I feel like that’s where Lido is going, or maybe it’s always been there, but your music is quite intimate and personal, rather than being for the big room shows.

Lido: I feel like I’ve been writing from a different perspective. I feel like I’ve explored the grand sounds enough, now I’m curious about how to make people feel on the intimate level. It’s easy to make people to feel things with fireworks, and big explosions and a lot of bass. But how do you make people feel with something small, and that’s intimate. So that’s kinda what I’m working on learning more about now.

SP: I feel like it’s hard to do that because you have to have that emotion, but you also have to be able to relate to people in a way that they can understand.

Lido: It has to be honest, like VERY honest. Maybe even more honest than what you’re trying to make people feel with large amounts of energy. It’s small amounts of energy so the feeling has to be very true for it to work. But it’s exciting and I’m having so much fun with it, and I’m learning so much about myself with it.

SP: It’s been fun seeing you put out a lot of different projects here and there instead of doing grand projects. Are you still developing Lido?

Lido: Yes, I am working on an album, a new Lido album that I’m really excited about. It’s coming up pretty fast, it’s coming out of me pretty fast. I’m excited about that. Hopefully I’ll be done with it very soon. But I’ve also been working a lot with other artists. Doing a lot of executive production. Sort of helping artists to learn how to say what they’re trying to say. Sort of being part of other people’s journey, because you learn a lot from that too. That’s been my focus for the past couple of months, and then this album came into my head, so we’ll see where this goes.

While we have yet to hear any new sounds from Lido, he is currently on tour on the West Coast with a visit at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on Oct. 11.

For tickets and additional tour dates, visit peder.tours.

Photos by Tori Kobayashi

INTERVIEW: Lido on his next Chapter of Music via @sacramentopress

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