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Two Nights of “Paradise!” Coming to Ace of Spades


In a special two-night presentation, Hawaii via Santa Barbara’s beloved Iration is bringing their first official headlining tour ‘’Live From Paradise!” to Sacramento’s Ace of Spades on August 7 and 8. Joined by Through The Roots and Katastro, “Live From Paradise!” is set to be an irie show with the biggest production Iration has had thus far in their career.

Celebrating 15 years of “sunshine reggae,” Micah Brown (guitar/vocals), Joseph Dickens (drums), Cayson Peterson (keyboard/Synth), Drake Peterson (trumpet), Micah Pueschel (guitar/lead vocals) and Adam Taylor (bass) have stayed true to their debut album’s title, ‘No Time For Rest.’ Whether in the studio or on tour, the group has been reluctant to stay away from fans’ ears too long.

“As soon we finished the last album, we kind of took a small break from tour and came back and immediately started writing again,” said Pueschel, over the phone last week. “Started trying to work on the new stuff and kind of figure out where the next direction for where we’re going is with the sound. So we’re working on the next album already, that’s just kind of how it is, you just gotta keep grinding and keep trying to keep the sound evolving.”

With the release of last month’s “Chill Out,” the group’s first single since their self-titled album came out in 2018, Iration’s sound feels to be taking a vocal approach to the social and political climate that surrounds us.

“We definitely, we framed it enough in a way that makes it easy and feel good and the feel of the song, the vibe of the song might be totally different than what the lyrical content is kind of hammering through, or kind of edging towards,” said Pueschel. “There’s more depth to the lyrical content than what is seemingly there and we don’t expressively consider ourselves a political band but we’re definitely there and we’re definitely finding that inspiration in the world around us, we’re not ignoring it.”

Taking everything in mind, “Live From Paradise!” is set to be the biggest tour Iration has had thus far in its career. For a band that rose to fame from performances along the Santa Barbara house party scene, 15 years and six albums comes with a seasoned depth and expectation for showmanship. While the new album could come from any direction, “Live From Paradise!” is coming with the same energy that Sacramento has long expected.

While the August 8 show at Ace of Spades is officially sold out, tickets for August 7 are still available.

For more information on Iration and the “Live From Paradise!” Tour, visit IrationMusic.com.

Photo by Dane Hodgson

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