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Purple Mountains

rico hudspeth

This week’s stunning Photo of the Week is by professional photographer Rico Hudspeth. Here’s a behind the scenes look from Rico about what it took to capture this photo:

I took time out of the day on New Years Eve to capture this image of Convict Lake in Mammoth California. I showed up at the tail end of a storm hoping to get an unusual sky color and I did. Expecting to get oranges and pink colored skies I was surprisingly met with red and blues mixing together with the sun’s rays. The heavy morning’s cool blue sky gave off a deep purple on top of the mountain faces, both in and out of the lake water.

The drive here was long and peaceful, I wasn’t prepared for the cold. My Vans MTE’s shoes were hardly a match for the 9 degree weather. At one point the water was so cold my battery lost its power and my tripod leg froze and would not retract until i got back to San Bernardino County.

All in all, though, I would say the trip was success, not just because of the image, but the process that it took to acquire it. 2am rise. 5 hour drive. Alone time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Podcasts and a classical music playlist. And then, after an anticipation and visualization of what the image could be, being blown away by the scenery that made it what it would be. A sense of accomplishment comes not only from the capture, but also due to the simple fact that you got up and went when no one else would. To me that is what made this image a success.

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Website: rhuds.com
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Instagram: instagram.com/rhuds_

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Purple Mountains via @sacramentopress

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