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Air + Style Los Angeles 2018 Recap

Air + Style Los Angeles 2018 Recap

This year’s annual Air + Style Los Angeles returned to Exposition Park right outside of downtown Los Angeles, to host a new style of competition focused on snow-skate and skateboarding. Fans, families and athletes came out March 3 & 4, to watch some of the world’s top athletes compete in style competitions and see some of the most talented musicians perform on the concrete pavement.

It only makes sense that the festival evolved into the skate world, because there is definitely a heavy skate scene in nearby Venice, CA. Air + Style organizers replaced the big air ramp with a skate park and a snowboard course for athletes to compete in skate style competitions. In the past, building and maintaining a 16-story big air ramp was quite a challenge in sunny Los Angeles. This year, organizers have taken environmental responsibility for the 87,500 gallons of water used to make the snow course by converting it back to freshwater conservation projects.

On March 3, fans caught music sets by Mura Masa, and halfway through Cut Copy, attendees tried to run for cover when a sudden unexpected downpour occurred. Air + Style is no stranger to the unusual rainfall in LA during its events, as the team handled a massive rainstorm at their first annual festival held at the Rosebowl in Pasadena, and continue to prove they are prepared to handle anything.

Attendees who toughed out the rain finished their night off with Cashmere Cat and DRAM in between catching the snow-skate and skateboarding competitions. Zedd brought out his top notch visuals and special effects for his headlining performance. Even if you’re not a huge electronic dance music fan, it is undeniable that Zedd and his production team go all out when it comes to putting on a high-quality show filled with special effects and mind-blowing visuals.

After enduring the first day of on-and-off rain, attendees are excited for a more eclectic day of music and new skate competitions. On day 2 of Air + Style, attendees caught musical performances by Mija, Washed Out, Phantogram, Gucci Mane and Phoenix, and the Swatch US Best Trick Contest.

Every year, Air + Style seems to evolve and adapt as a festival fusing sports and music. Festival organizers know how to book top talent in snowboard, skate and music, for people of all ages and interests to come together to enjoy a weekend of fun, and meet Shaun White if you caught him running around the festival. Air + Style is an immersive festival combining so many different interests and allows attendees to get up close and personal.

Below, you will find a few pictures from the festival and the final results for both days of the competition:

Air + Style Los Angeles 2018 Recap

Air + Style Los Angeles 2018 Recap

Air + Style Los Angeles 2018 Recap

The sports final results for day 1 for the snowboard and skateboard competitions are below:

Final Results – Snowboard

1.) Darcy Sharpe – CAN – 92.00
2.) Johnny O’Connor – USA – 88.00
3.) Kyle Mack – USA – 86.00

Best Trick 1 – Skateboarding

1.) Alex Sorgente – USA – 90.00
2.) Tom Schaar – USA – 80.00
3.) Chris Gregson – USA – 70.00

Best Trick 2 – Skateboarding

1.) Patrick Ryan – USA – 90.00
2.) Roman Pabich – USA – 80.00
3.) Heimana Reynolds – USA – 70.00

You can find the day 2 results listed below:

Final Results – Skateboard

1.) Heimana Reynolds – USA – 88.33
2.) CJ Collins – USA – 87.33
3.) Tom Schaar – USA – 86.66

Best Trick 1 – Snowboarding

1.) Drayden Gardner – USA – 90.00
2.) Ozzy Henning – USA – 80.00
3.) Johnny O’Connor – USA – 70.00

Best Trick 2 – Snowboarding

1.) Francis Jobin – CAN – 90.00
2.) Nate Haust – USA – 80.00
3.) Jordan Morse – USA – 70.00
For more information on Air + Style, visit AirandStyle.com.


Air + Style Los Angeles 2018 Recap via @sacramentopress

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