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Startups in Sacramento: Tips to Using a Great Location to Your Advantage

Startups in Sacramento: Tips to Using a Great Location to Your Advantage

Sacramento is a booming economy with a plethora of startups that are arising on a daily basis. The proximity to San Francisco has many entrepreneurs trying their hands a little bit north in the state’s capital. For those people in business that do not live in a bustling business city, they may not realize the advantages of living in a city like Sacramento.

Attracting Top Talent

One of the most difficult things for a startup to do is attract top talent when they cannot pay a high salary, such as larger competitors. The affordability of Sacramento is much better than Los Angeles or San Francisco so employees might be willing to take a pay decrease since the cost of living is lower. Attracting talent that lives in the Bay Area as a possible commute is a reality for many people in the area. Another option is hiring those who will work from home in an area of the country that might be less competitive salary-wise. This can help you save money on salary without sacrificing the quality of your hires.

Face-To-Face Meetings Instead of Virtual Meetings

The proximity of Sacramento to San Francisco makes it relatively easy to meet face-to-face with potential partners or clients. The truth is, that for many industries San Francisco is a hub and plenty of people visit for meetings and even personal vacations. Meeting face-to-face with a client can allow you to read body language in a better way and it can even improve your pitch. There are conferences that are held in San Francisco which can be the perfect place to schedule a meeting. Conferences are the perfect opportunity to build personal relationships with clients which contributes to client loyalty.

The Beauty of the Area Can Contribute To Company Culture

The beauty of the area in Sacramento is immense with a variety of opportunities to build company culture. A good company culture can keep employees more productive and personally invested in the company rather than just being there for a paycheck. As a manager or owner, it is important to document all of the good times had, whether it is during a company party or traveling to Lake Tahoe to take some selfies on a snowmobile expedition.  Keeping the office active by taking one day per week to do a company hike or bike ride can be a blast. Healthy employees have been shown to be more productive and it will help break the week up. Allow employees to work from one of the many coffee shops or in one of the beautiful parks. You’d be surprised how a change in setting can impact productivity in a positive way.

Living in the Sacramento region has immense advantages when it comes to running a business. Do not underestimate our great city when debating where to open a business. What are some industries that you see thriving in Sacramento? Does our location impact them positively?

Startups in Sacramento: Tips to Using a Great Location to Your Advantage via @sacramentopress

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