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4 Reasons to Join Hacker Lab in 2018

4 Reasons to Join Hacker Lab in 2018

For anyone with the slightest inclination toward bringing an idea to life, a curiosity to learn something new, or simply further oneself in their own field of work, Hacker Lab could very well become your favorite co-working and maker space in 2018. With a Midtown location and its latest location in Rocklin, which has a partnership with Sierra College, Hacker Lab has become a Sacramento staple by providing an environment that supplies educational and business-minded tools for innovative individuals to succeed.

Since 2012, young, old, novice, and seasoned individuals have discovered the increasing benefits of joining Hacker Lab. With 24-hour access to both locations, an extensive network of like-minded entrepreneurs and makers, hundreds of thousand dollars worth of equipment, and classes to teach you how to excel, the reasons for joining speak for themselves. Below, we have outlined four reasons to join Hacker Lab in 2018:

The Community is Strong, and Growing

Hacker Lab started in 2012 when a successful MeetUp event, created by Hacker Lab co-founder Eric Ullrich, inside the old Sacramento Press office space, first discovered the potential pool of talent in Sacramento. Eventually, a successful hackathon series would lead to Sacramento’s first Startup Weekend in 2013. From these experiences, Ullrich learned of Sacramento’s need for a community host in the world of innovative makers and tech startups.

In the years that followed, Ullrich integrated Hacker Lab into Sacramento’s innovative ecosystem, finding a way to share Sacramento with the world and bringing together thousands of members with diverse backgrounds of interest.

Today, Ullrich is among the newest members of the City of Sacramento’s Technology Council, which directly advises Mayor Darrell Steinberg in regard to the Rapid Acceleration Innovation & Leadership in Sacramento (RAILS) Program, among other programs and initiatives. Other members of the council include representatives of HOF, Moneta Ventures, Sacramento Kings, Sacramento State, Uptown Studios and VSP Global, to name a few.

With an ever-expanding network, Hacker Lab members are in prime position to head the changes Sacramento continues to see come to light.

It’s More Than Just Tech

Although its name and origins began in the tech world, Hacker Lab is fully engaged in providing tactile-driven makers the tools to succeed. Similar to the STEAM curriculum provided in schools, there is no specific place to begin for those with a creative impulse. With workshops for jewelry making, metal work, photo developing, silkscreening, textile work, sewing, various types of welding and wood shop, Hacker Lab could literally be the source for every type of maker ready to build something out of nothing. (And all the material needed is included in the membership.)

Varied Interests Equal Variety of Classes

In many ways, Hacker Lab provides a real-life and fast-track approach to the educational environment the current work force has missed in the years before the STEAM curriculum became a prolific part of the education system. Throughout January alone, members, and non-members, will have the opportunity to take 102 classes that showcase the various fields of interest one can tap into. 3D printing, web developing, vinyasa-style yoga, black & white film developing, online marketing, vinyl and laser cutting are just a few of the type of classes provided between the two locations this month.

Hacker Lab’s Midtown and Rocklin locations also host a youth education program called Sac Makers, which is open to any child between ages 10 and 18. Here, children are offered classes in building, coding and design, with rolling enrollment throughout the year.

The Future of Sacramento

Like it or not, Sacramento will continue to grow in the next few years, which means jobs will continue to be a necessity. The future of the city lies in the potential of its workforce and Hacker Lab has been a great part of educating that workforce to match the eventual capital coming its way. The greatest resolutions begin with self-improvement, but ultimately end up contributing to the betterment of a community. In the spirit of civic pride, or pride in oneself, those with a sure mind for innovation should take the risk and find out what a membership at Hacker Lab could do for you in 2018.

Tours are open to anyone during regular business hours. For more information on classes, membership, or Hacker Lab as an organization, visit HackerLab.org

4 Reasons to Join Hacker Lab in 2018 via @sacramentopress

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