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Art Life Live: A Rare Evening with David Garibaldi [Photos]


Art Life Live could have premiered to grand acclaim in any other city of the world. Fortunately for us, Sacramento’s hometown hero, David Garibaldi, presented the latest chapter of his Art Life series before a sold-out crowd at Ace of Spades on Saturday.

Without wasting a pixel of performance space, Art Life Live brought to life a dynamic capsule of Garibaldi’s explosive 14-year career. As proceeds from the show will benefit the Turnaround Arts foundation, Garibaldi continues to establish his rock star determination to give back to our communities through the fruits of art.

On Saturday, seasoned fans were welcomed to familiar paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Salvador Dali, while the show as a whole was an introduction to Garibaldi’s future of production, which includes video mapping, live scoring, moving canvases and more.

“I’ve had these ideas and concepts for a long time,” said Garibaldi after the show. “We’ve done pieces of these here and there, but this was the first time that we were like, ‘Let’s actually do this, let’s practice, let’s do run-throughs,’ and really, the video mapping is a new direction we’re going.”

Like many artists of his stature, Garibaldi has been ahead of his time in ways that only make sense when you bring it all together for a night like this. He performs more than a hundred shows a year and has raised more than $4 million for charities in his career, and yet, the world renowned painter found himself basking in the delicate joy of fear on Saturday night.

“I was nervous,” said Garibaldi. “I don’t get to feel that all the time because we’re always doing the same type of shows. [But for tonight’s show] I was like, ‘I want to be terrified.’”

In order to accomplish that feeling, Garibaldi and his team of artists, musicians and assistants had to coordinate a vision that would not leave much room for error. From the initial on-screen countdown, to the drum-infused interludes by local drummer Serge Lysak, a trumpet solo by Garabildi (“I never do that”) and painting creations backdropped by Los Angeles violinist Spags, Saturday’s performance was the result of hard work and community.

“To work alongside, literally my friends, my family, people who we work with everyday, I mean, this show is a result of all their hard work,” said Garibaldi. “I can only give so many ideas, but they are the breath that brings it to life and I just owe them everything for that.”

Throughout the night, themes of stardom, artistry, contemporary storytelling and riveting passion made way for the human psyche to adapt to the Art Life experience – the same way jazz bounces from instrument to instrument.

“Everything is one,” said Garibaldi. “It’s all one.”

A saturated reflection of life as he sees it, from vlog posts to individual interactions with fans, Garibaldi’s rock star approach to kindness and generosity is likely the underlying force to his success.

Driven by a genuine love for human nature, Garibaldi sourced amateur videos of strangers from across the internet to transmit the broad spectrum of love without words. As tears were shed and hard chests turned soft, the videos bounced frequencies into the life of each painting – creating one of the evening’s most captivating moments.

Surely, these words come up short when it comes to the grand experience Art Life Live brought to Sacramento. However, much like his paintings, Garibaldi’s trajectory is still forming before our eyes like a dream that welcomes the audience along for the ride.

“I think everyday is humbling because this is not normal,” said Garibaldi. “I know what I do is not normal and I think that’s what helps me keep a grateful heart through the process.”

For more information on David Garibaldi and Art Life, visit GaribaldiArts.com.

Photos by Bethany Harris

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