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Sacramento: Best City in California for Fall Colors?

True, we’re like any Californian who ooo’s and ahh’s at a single tree lit by the fire of fall. It’s not, after all, as commonplace around here as it is for those East Coasters whose every tree, it seems, is lit by that same fire. But I would venture to say we do a lot more oooing and ahhing in the City of Trees than any other metropolitan city in California.

San Francisco (and much of the coast) has its fog and pretty much the same weather year ’round. LA and its surrounding counterparts really share in that Mediterranean climate with a landscape that reflects it both in weather and foliage. And as to the rest of the state’s cities, no other metropolitan city in California beats Sacramento on the number of trees per capita with the city ranking by some estimations as having the largest tree canopy in the US and third in the world.

And then there’s that thing about fall color. Sure, it’s great to have a vast number of trees, but there’s no touting being the best fall-color city in California without the presence of an impressive display. Thankfully Sacramento has a wide variety of trees that show off bright colors of red, orange, and yellow, including among them Maple, Chinese Pistache, Ginkgo, Scarlet Oak, and Washington Hawthorne.

Fall color is dispersed throughout the city, but East Sacramento, Midtown, and Downtown have a special knack for creating an autumn wonderland of tree lined streets and mature parks. Here, I captured, in addition to the city core, some of the colors in the neighborhoods of Curtis Park, William Land Park, the Fab 40s, and other East Sacramento streets.

So, you decide for yourself: can we proudly claim the title of not only being the “City of Trees” but the best city in California to enjoy fall color?

Photos by Bethany Harris

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Bethany Harris

Bethany joined Sacramento Press in 2013 and enjoys writing articles that uncover the happenings of the city and the people behind the stories who make them so worth telling. A native of Sacramento, she also loves photography, running, gardening, coffee, and discovering new places and new things to do--both in the city and throughout California.

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