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More Than A Rock Show: OK Go

In a special live performance, in sync with 20 of their iconic videos, Chicago’s own OK Go will be kicking off its brief Live Video Tour in Redding on Nov. 1. The viral rock band has been performing together for nearly 20 years now, designing their own lane as creatives, always eager to push their own boundaries.

From the onset of a bond between a young Damian Kulash (lead vocals and guitar) and Tim Nordwind (bassist and vocals), OK Go originated from a chance meeting at an art camp in Michigan. Since then, Dan Konopka (drums and percussion) and Andy Ross (keyboards, guitar and vocals) have joined to form a band that beams with positive lyrics, sounds and visuals.

On Wednesday, the band will bring to life its latest venture in the entertainment panorama with a unique live experience.

“It exists within the grey areas of a cinematic experience, a theatrical experience and a musical experience,” said Nordwind. “It’s sort of like all these things wrapped into one. But it is definitely different from like a rock show at a club.”

For those longing to learn more about the band’s creative process, the show is structured to welcome audience participation as there will be a Q&A session throughout the night, while some performances will call for interactive participation as well.

“We all have a pretty healthy curiosity for art and technology and science and so I think it’s really just this curiosity and the imagination that gets us excited about these things,” said Nordwind. “We’ve been very lucky to collaborate with people who know a lot more than we do most of the time, in these different subjects, in these different fields, and we’ve been able to make creative things out of it, you know?”

Whether it be their Grammy-award winning video for “Here It Goes Again,” their MTV Video Music Award winning video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down,’ ‘Upside Down and Inside Out’’s zero gravity performance or their countless videos keen on intricate details, it seems hard to look away from the inspiring narrative set by OK Go.

“The fun in everything we do I think is that fact that it’s always really challenging, it always feels new,” said Nordwind. “At the beginning of it we’re always kind of like, ‘How are we going to do that? This feels impossible.’ And it’s always been that challenge of trying to make the thing that feels impossible, possible, that I think keeps us going and keeps us excited and engaged in what we do.”

OK Go will visit Redding on Nov. 1, San Francisco on Nov. 2 and Livermore on Nov. 3, before heading south for two more shows.

For more information on OK Go and the Live Video Tour, visit OKGo.net/shows

Photo courtesy of BB Gun Press.

More Than A Rock Show: OK Go via @sacramentopress

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