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#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]

#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
DJ Noodles x King Kool Code.

Settling into its new home in Old Sacramento, #HOFDAY celebrated its third consecutive year on Saturday with more than 5,000 people in attendance. The music and arts festival has come to be a physical exclamation point for the Hall of Fame collective, which campaigns for the event throughout the year.

As HOF continues to pave its own lane inside the state capital, its ability to showcase local talent proceeds to speak volumes, just loud enough for older generations to start listening.

In a mere seven hours, more than 20 musical acts took it upon themselves to strut a local sense of pride and camaraderie. Whether it was Blaq Tuxedo jolting across the stage in matching camouflage, Ru AREYOU with a choreographed performance alongside the Awesome Awesome Shxt crew or DJ Gio’s hyped-up performance with Lil Rome Diddy, Sacramento’s stars were shining in Old Sacramento.

Of course, a new star was born at the HOF War On Walls Art Battle. Given 30 minutes to create a masterpiece, Lisa Elias took home the $2,000 cash prize with in an emotional acceptance speech.

Throughout the day, a few neighbors from the Bay Area joined in on the celebration, including DJ Noodles and Heartbreak Gang’s Kool John.

However, in the end it was Sacramento’s own Hippie Sabotage who brought everyone together. Staying true to their name, The Hippies managed to balance an uplifting message to “be open to the possibility of positivity” in one’s life, followed by an open invitation to join them onstage. The result should have been chaos, but the young crowd showed a mature side in handling the situation accordingly in order for the party to continue – much like the members of HOF.

What’s Next?

Robbie Metcalf, founding member of HOF, said his team is already preparing itself for next year’s celebration.

“Moving forward, we know exactly what to tighten up and what to do better,” said Metcalf. “I think year four is going to be the year where it’s going to be, for lack of a better word, the full experience.”

In fact, next year will be HOF’s ten-year anniversary as a team. Its significance could be the driving force to “go all out,” but more than anything it should serve as an opportunity to demonstrate how far they have come and how far they are willing to go.

According to Metcalf, the team’s biggest objective for next year will be creating the HOF Awards Show, which will tie in with #HOFDAY and create another platform for the public and artists to engage. Creating fresh categories that pertain to Sacramento’s local culture, Metcalf hopes to provide an incentive no other company is able to.

“Basically let the people decide and the winners of those awards are the ones that go on to perform at #HOFDAY,” said Metcalf. “I want the award show to be a party in itself, but everyone’s in tuxedos and all the girls are in cocktail dresses, so it’s an elaborate event, red carpet and all that.”

For those paying attention, this is more than a popularity contest or a general celebration of self. HOF is creating a platform where participation is necessary and competition is welcome, but community rules above all.

“You’ll be able to really see who’s pushing really hard,” said Metcalf. “And then you’ll be like, ‘Aw, I’m not pushing as hard as they are,’ and my hope is that it will just really inspire people to go harder and just go all out and do better.“

For more information on all things HOF, visit HOFisBetter.com.

#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
HOFDAY in Old Sacramento.
#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers.
#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
Kool John.
#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
DJ Noodles.
#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
Lil Rome Diddy.

#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]

#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]
1/2 of Hippie Sabotage
#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos]


Photos by Cesar Alexander.


#HOFDAY Will Only Get Better [Photos] via @sacramentopress

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