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Get Fit with 5 of Sacramento’s Top Fitness Programs

Get Fit with 5 of Sacramento's Top Fitness Programs

As a cosmopolitan city and capital of the state of California, Sacramento remains active and hip with an eclectic selection of health and fitness activities, alongside a vast community of arts and entertainment. With vast open spaces and an abundance of trees, perfect for outdoor activities, Sacramento is a prime example of the wonderful extent a historic city could retain in modern times.

One can find motivation to stay active throughout the city with several gyms and fitness centers offering a variety of fitness programs for all ages and body types, including HIIT, yoga, kickboxing and dance.

Below, we have compiled some of the most popular fitness programs in the area, with a focus on having fun.

1.  HIIT

For those looking for blood-pumping routines that are serious, yet fun, you can find a Les Mills exercise class in Sacramento. You can choose from 20 different exercise class programs to fit your style and condition. If you want to be lean and effectively burn unwanted fats, Les Mills is known for its HIIT workouts. Get leaner muscles and a stronger constitution with Bodypump or improve your cardio fitness with cycle-based workout, RPM. Les Mills’ Bodyflow helps boost your strength and flexibility, but if you are more into dance moves, you will be delighted with Bodyjam. If you are into martial arts, enhance your physical training and fighting moves with Bodycombat.

Workout programs at Les Mills are all set to heart-pumping music so you will feel like you are on the dance floor instead of sweating out inside a gym. The instructors are excellent and the programs are based on innovative research.

2.  Family Boot Camp and Personalized Training

For those whose workout routines are more inconsistent, Robles Fitness provides a variety of levels of fitness, whether you want to work out religiously or take it a bit easy. You will definitely find workout mates to give you support from this fitness center’s family-like environment, while trainers are always pushing you to your limit. You can choose boot camp or personalized training six times a week.

The program’s focus on two-muscle-groups-a-day makes it easy to complete the target muscle groups tailored to your fitness level. The aim here is to challenge yourself, you versus you.  

3.  Pilates and Yoga   

Improve your flexibility and tone, while increasing the strength of your core muscles and gaining muscular control and balance at U Barre. The center offers Pilates, Buti Yoga and barre exercises that are truly wonderful ways to stretch and flex your entire muscular system. Get ready for some upbeat fun and classical moves with a twist. Although many women go for these types of exercise routines, they are great for men as well.

If you associate yoga to movements that seem to flow gently and smoothly, prepare to be amazed with Buti Yoga, which is a combination of vinyasa-style yoga, plyometrics, primal movements and tribal dance, set to thumping music.  

4.  Boxing and Kickboxing

For those looking for more strenuous exercise programs, such as kickboxing and boxing, sign up for classes at Fitness Rangers. Boxing and kickboxing tone the muscles of your lower and upper body, which will help increase your flexibility, improve circulation, coordination, balance and heart rate. These workouts are great stress relievers and perfect for full body workout. At the same time, you learn how to defend yourself.

Fitness Rangers also offer various workout programs for groups and children, as well as help in planning your nutrition. There are personal and corporate training, too. Parents with kids need not worry as the gym provides childcare upon prior arrangement.   

5.  Dancing

If dancing motivates you to exercise, Step 1 Dance and Fitness has a variety of programs for you. There are programs for children, youth, teens and adults. The instructors come from various performance-based dance disciplines, so you can choose from a list of dance/fitness classes. Tap dancing is offered to beginners and those who want to get more extensive training.

For people who want to veer away from choreographed dances, join a Zumba class or a Fierce Funk class for cardio exercises. If you want to feel cool and trendy, there are hip-hop classes as well.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Mills

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