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United by Shakes, Calling All Dreamers Winner Set on Old Sacramento

Milk House Shakes.

The latest addition to Old Sacramento’s charming history comes in the form of Milk House Shakes, the official winner of the 2017 Calling All Dreamers Contest. With a milkshake shop conceived within a presidential theme, owner Kelly Boyles hopes to educate the Sacramento community with a delicious treat.

By the beginning of 2018, Milk House Shakes will be the second winner, since the Downtown Sacramento Foundation’s contest began in 2013, to see its business doors open in Old Sacramento.

As far as the shop’s name, Boyles said it stems from a play on the White House. With a menu full of milkshakes named after Presidents of the United States, each visit to the shop will include a little insight on presidential facts, historical and fun alike.

“My goal is to maybe not teach history per se,” said Boyles. “But share my love of it through trivia and just fun facts and just trying to share and teach in that way.”

For instance, one could order the Barack Obama shake, which pays tribute to his Hawaiian roots with shredded coconut and fresh pineapple, or the Andrew Johnson shake, which features a creamy vanilla ice cream blended with peaches, in recognition of the first U.S. president to be impeached.

However, Boyles has no intention of making a political statement with Milk House Shakes.

“I genuinely just love history,” said Boyles. “I think presidential history is fascinating and it’s meant to just share that and then whatever comes from that – the political nature right now – I’m ready for it, but my goal really is just to be educational and share my love of it.”

Moving forward, Boyles, an Elk Grove native, is excited to develop in a location that appears to come with its advantages.

“It’s just such an awesome area,” said Boyles. “So many people come and the atmosphere, I think, really suits Milk House Shakes and I think we’ll really fit in with the other shops. Old Sac is a historical place to begin with so it really fits in so nicely.”

Although she has a history major from the University of Southern California, Boyles claims she is not a history expert, only a considerable fan. Of course, she is also a notable fan of milkshakes. Within minutes of speaking, her fandom shines through in conversation as the excitement to share her passion grows with each interaction.

“In some ways I feel like I’m still processing it,” said Boyles. “I’m just so happy about it.”

In winning the competition, Milk House Shakes joins an exclusive group of businesses supported by the $100,000 prize package intended to support start-up costs. Boyles plans to turn her winnings into a successful business plan, which includes working with local farmers’ markets, coffee shops and ice cream producers.

While Boyles had trouble articulating her initial feelings of success, she was clear to state, “it feels like go time.”

For more information on Milk House Shakes, visit MilkHouseShakes.com

Photos provided by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

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