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Midtown’s 42nd Street: A Custom Celebration

Midtown's 42nd Street: A Custom Celebration

Midtown's 42nd Street: A Custom Celebration

As the Sacramento community continues to establish its new identity, Kerrie Kelly’s latest business endeavor, 42nd Street, has opened its doors for designers and everyday customers to find their authentic self through home furnishing. On Thursday, the custom furniture, lighting and accessories company will have its Sacramento Metro Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony at 5 PM, with support from Ailoi Bodega Espanola, Melissa Lavin and DJ Spiro.

While the company will be the latest store to open its doors in Midtown, Kelly’s presence in Sacramento has been steady since her design studio opened in East Sacramento in 1995. With three arms to her business, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, Loft Media Group and 42nd Street, Kelly is finding multiple platforms to inspire the world around her.

“We’ve never been busier,” said Kelly. “We’re just in a great flow and feel very blessed for that and Sacramento has been wonderful to us in deploying what we’re doing.”

As Sacramento works out its grand identity in an ever-changing landscape, Kelly hopes her companies and brand become a harbor to celebrate the different types of architecture and styles that live within each client.

“Since we’ve gone through the recession, people have looked inward a bit,” said Kelly. “We’ve found that they’ve gone up into their attic and found pieces that are authentic to them, or maybe reupholstered a piece or painted a piece. We very much encourage things like that versus having a home that’s picture perfect.”

The customization of furniture is the most important element in 42nd Street’s potential. While one may argue the products cannot be all authentic when there are several versions in the store, Kelly and her team are constantly working to find or create the next product design, catering to all five senses.

“We’ve been asked by brands to develop products and we’re still in the process of doing more, but what we have so far is displayed here at the 42nd Street location here in Midtown,” said Kelly.

Nestled within Sacramento’s Handle District, 42nd Street will also serve as the headquarters to Loft Media Group, Kelly’s boutique digital marketing firm. From there, Kelly and her team will continue to grow in their efforts to sell their products and connect with clients, from Sacramento to New York, and around the world.

“We’ve been connected with so many of the right people when we weren’t even looking for it that now we’ve expanded to ten [employees] and we’ve created jobs and opportunities,” said Kelly. “I like to be able to be lean and mean and run a business efficiently, but at the same time when we brought on good people and allowed them to be a part of this vision, they helped take us [to the] next level.”

As much as these words should be an inspiration to the next generation of local architects and designers, they are also humble words coming from Kelly. With more than two decades of experience, Kelly has managed to pen two books in her field, with more in the works, including a Wine and Design edition, inspired by the many wine related places throughout California.

“My husband and I do a lot of entertaining so we take a lot of people to Napa,” said Kelly. “If you want to see me kind of go off the grid a bit and actually relax that would probably happen in Santa Barbara or Cabo San Lucas with a margarita and some guacamole.”

With a work hard, play hard mentality, Kelly and her team have embodied the Sacramento spirit with a style to keep an eye on.

42nd Street is located at 1221 19th St #200, next door to Devine Gelateria. For more information on the new shop and its Sacramento Metro Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony on June 15, visit 42ndstreetdesign.com.

Midtown's 42nd Street: A Custom Celebration

Midtown's 42nd Street: A Custom Celebration

Midtown's 42nd Street: A Custom Celebration

Photos by Bethany Harris

Midtown’s 42nd Street: A Custom Celebration via @sacramentopress

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