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Calling All Geeks: Oblivion Comics & Coffee Now Open

Calling All Geeks: Oblivion Comics & Coffee Now Open

Having officially opened its doors in Downtown Sacramento this month, Oblivion Comics and Coffee has placed itself within a perfect niche in the local community. Tucked between J and K Streets on the 11th Street intersection, Oblivion is home to new, vintage and independent comics, alongside an affordable selection of craft coffee from Chocolate Fish.

Since becoming the official winner of the Calling All Dreamers Competition in 2016, Oblivion owners Laura Benson and Neil Estaris have been working towards turning their love for all things geeky into an accessible location and business, where everyone is welcome to be a geek.

“We wanted to make it comfortable for everyone,” said Benson. “So, even if somebody doesn’t read comics, they can still come hang out and feel comfortable, because we don’t just geek out over comics, we geek out over movies and TV shows and actual novels.”

In keeping Sacramento’s diverse spirit alive, the birth of Oblivion is one that shines a light into the wholesome world of creativity, which comics provide. For many, it is a beacon to follow their dreams and find others who are doing the same within the capital.

“A geek doesn’t mean only one thing,” said Benson. “We want to bring that more to the forefront and make sure everyone feels welcome, and even in coffee there’s coffee geeks so ‘geeks’ applies to everybody.“

Staying true to their beliefs, Oblivion strives to offer a unique opportunity for local comic artists to present their work and connect with the greater local community that may otherwise fail to notice their artistry.

Just last weekend, the shop hosted an art reception with Sacramento artist, Nooligan, whose work is permanently featured on the shop’s wall as you walk in. These are the type of events one hopes to see more of as Oblivion gains traction.

In the end, Oblivion is the result of a long lasting friendship between Benson and Estaris. The two first met at the Art of Institute of Sacramento, where they became part of a like-minded group of friends who were hanging out at Barnes and Noble into the late hours, essentially getting told to go home at the end of the night. When their passions would not cease, they formed Oblivion.

“There was no place for us,” said Estaris. “So we decided to open up a shop of our own for everybody that’s kinda like us.”

For more information on Oblivion Comics and Coffee, visit OblivionComics.com.

Calling All Geeks: Oblivion Comics & Coffee Now Open
Oblivion Comics and Coffee

Calling All Geeks: Oblivion Comics & Coffee Now Open

Calling All Geeks: Oblivion Comics & Coffee Now Open

Calling All Geeks: Oblivion Comics & Coffee Now Open

Photos by Cesar Alexander

Calling All Geeks: Oblivion Comics & Coffee Now Open via @sacramentopress

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