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Gearing Up For Lightning in a Bottle


The Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle Music & Arts Festival will be returning to the beautiful Lake San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA, between May 24-29. Last year’s LIB was their biggest festival yet after selling out 20,000 tickets, and it seems like the Do Lab & LIB organizers are gearing up for an even better for LIB 2017.

It feels like every year The Do Lab is always trying to up their game and make new interactive experiences for attendees to enjoy at the festival. This year California received a lot more rain than usual and is expecting to have much more green grass and even a lake with lakeside attractions!

This also means that attendees have to do their part at the 5-day camping extravaganza to clean up after themselves and party responsibly to preserve the beautiful land of Lightning in a Bottle. LIB has grown to be the most environmentally conscious festival in America for its efforts in bringing healthy food vendors, supplying adequate water stations for campers and having various “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful” reminders encouraging attendees to compost and recycle their waste properly while enjoying the festival.

It’s worth applauding that the The Do Lab and LIB organizers not only bring awareness of this to their attendees and followers, but provide a huge safe zone for people to come together and celebrate music, art and culture, while being environmentally conscious.

Last year we really felt the growth and metamorphosis of Lightning in a Bottle adjusting to its new home inside the San Antonio Recreation Area and many are looking forward to LIB debuting a bunch of new structures, interactive experiences and big art. Festival organizers plan on debuting twelve new structures, lake attractions more interactive experiences beyond music and of course camping with one of the most beautiful and relaxing views.

Despite all the fun and adventures at Lightning in a Bottle, this festival is definitely not for the weak. It is important to stay hydrated, pack your camping essentials and bring your best attitude when you arrive at the festival grounds.

In addition to the usual camping items, here is a brief list of things of recommended essentials to make your experience more efficient and enjoyable:

  1. Fanny Pack – to keep your essentials safe and secure on your hips.
  2. Bandana / Face Mask – to keep the dirt out of your lungs!
  3. Reuseable Water Bottle – take advantage of the refillable water stations on site.
  4. Hand Sanitzer / Hand Wipes – you’re basically sweating 24/7 and outdoors so you’ll need some way to keep clean.
  5. Flashlight – once the sun goes down this will be your best friend when you’re stumbling into a port-a-potty
  6. Rechargable Battery – if you want to even try to have contact with the outside world (or you can… be free!)
  7. Dry Ice – for your ice chest to keep your food cool throughout the weekend
  8. EZ Up – this is crucial to keep your tent shaded, you can add bungee cords and tarps for extra shade
  9. Snapback Hat / Sunglasses – or some type of sun protection for your face.
  10. Lots of sunscreen!

It’s nice that it is a camping festival because it is really hot during the day and cold at night (hence at sunset you can do an outfit swap and then party on since you are living inside the festival for the weekend). Lightning in a Bottle definitely requires a lot of planning, gathering of camping supplies and organization, so if you have not started by now… you should definitely get on that.


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