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The Ridge To Host Shooting Star Classic Glow Ball Touranment


In celebration of local camaraderie, the third annual Shooting Star Classic Glow Ball Tournament will take place April 28 at The Ridge Golf Course and Events Center to benefit the Placer 10-35 Foundation. Located in the heart of Gold Country, The Ridge is proud to support the foundation in its aim to assist and help ease the minds of law enforcement officers in times of hardship.

With 18 holes of golf among The Ridge’s rolling hills and pine trees, 72 golfers are expected to take part in the tournament, which also includes a dinner and raffle prizes. There is a literal day and night difference between the first and second half of the game, with the first nine holes being played in daylight and the last nine at night. In an experimental feat for all golfers, glow balls are put to use during the the night round that has golfers shooting into the darkness.

Placer County Lieutenant Andrew Scott has participated in the tournament in the past and enjoys the unique experience the game provides golfers, whether they have golfed their whole life or have just started to pick the game up. The latter best describes Scott, who says he just started playing earnestly in the last year.

“Frankly, my best game was at last year’s Glow Ball [Tournament],” said Scott. “I didn’t worry about hazards I couldn’t see and just concentrated on my swings.”

The tournament’s name is a fitting pick as the glow balls look like shooting stars flying across the golf course. But however challenging, fun, and entertaining the game may be, it is important to remember the ultimate goal is to raise funds for the Placer 10-35 Foundation.

Scott believes the Foundation’s alliance with The Ridge is the one that deserves the most credit for allowing the officers’ work to gather more exposure, while supporting the “selfless heroes.”

“The profession can take a toll on officers and their families,” said Scott. “We try and be there in hard times to help minimize the strain.”

Since 2011, the Foundation has done just that by providing financial support during a multitude of hardships.

“Anytime a peace officer has a professional or personal tragedy in their lives, we try and see how we can help to support them financially,” said Scott. “Sometimes we help simply by providing support … paying travel and lodging expenses for family members so they are able to come when one of our officers is hospitalized; and we’ve paid for funerals for officers who have had a child die tragically and unexpectedly or assist when they have a sick child.”

“10-35” is in fact the radio code when an officer needs assistance and the Foundation, together with The Ridge have been forming a strong and meaningful relationship to combat the lack of support towards the needs of those considered heroes.

The tournament begins at 4:30pm on Friday, Apr. 28, with a 7pm dinner and an 8:30pm start for the second BYOF (Bring Your Own Flashlight) round. To learn more about being a part of the tournament, contact The Ridge at (530) 888-7888. Sponsorship opportunities for the tournament are available by contacting Shayne Wright at (530) 305-7470.

For more information on the Placer 10-35 Foundation, visit placer1035foundation.org.

For more information on The Ridge Golf Course and Events Center, visit RidgeGC.com.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Scott

The Ridge To Host Shooting Star Classic Glow Ball Touranment via @sacramentopress

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