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Artists on ArtStreet: Vincent Vredenburg


Last month, M5Arts hosted their second art installation, ArtStreet, featuring the works of over 100 artists both local and from around the world. Housed in a warehouse on 1st and 3rd just south of downtown Sacramento, ArtStreet attracted a multitude of Sacramentans who walked through, Instagrammed and admired the the art featured at this month-long, free-to-the-public art exhibition.

As a native Sacramentan, it made me happy to see Sacramento’s community gathering to create, celebrate and photograph artistic works that succeed in providing our community with expression, inspiration, and education.

We spoke to local photographer Vincent Vredenburg, who photographed the installation and talked with us about ArtStreet and Sacramento’s growing creative community. Born and raised in Sacramento, Vredenburg has taken photos since he was young and sees the city as place where art (and great food) is supported and flourishing.

Providing us here with some shots that captured ArtStreet’s unique display, Vredenburg is an artist just like the ones who contributed to M5Arts’ second exhibition (their first was 2016’s ArtHotel). He is among local artists in Sacramento finding an outlet to be featured while simultaneously inspiring people to support the arts.

Hear from Vrendenburg about ArtStreet, Sacramento’s art scene, and what he likes most about the city.

What did you think of ArtStreet?

Vincent Vredenburg: I think the ArtStreet event is amazing. A culmination of local art, music, and entertainment. The installations were well thought out and intriguing. They brought up many overlooked or sensitive issues, bringing to life the many plights and struggles of women, homeless, immigrants, and more. I hope many of the people who attended were moved by the passion and messages in those installations.

As a creative yourself, what are your thoughts on the creative community in Sacramento?

I believe the creative community in Sacramento is flourishing more than ever. For the most part, there is a fairly collaborative and non-combative mindset amongst the creatives here. Sure, there may be groups who don’t necessarily cross paths or communicate, but the city itself has done so much to harbor and raise creatives as a staple of Sacramento.

How do you think we can improve the creative community?

There isn’t much that can be done that could improve the city honestly. It’s all on the artists and other creatives at this point to keep the community positive and flourishing as it is now. Creative focused developments like the Warehouse Artist Lofts and little hubs scattered around the city are always great additions, as they promote collaboration, so more creative centers like that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

What are some of you jobs, hobbies, passions, etc.?

I am a freelance photographer by day and work for Track 7 Brewing by night. Craft beer has become a passion of mine since starting work for Track almost three years ago. Attending local concerts/music events, walking around Sacramento taking photos, and drinking a ridiculous amount of cold brew coffee are what I’d consider my hobbies. I am into quite a few things, but I think that summed it up well enough.

What are some of your favorite places to visit in Sacramento?

This is a tough one. For fun, MARRS block in midtown is always a fun late night area to hit up on almost any day of the week. Not too far away from the is probably my favorite pizza spot in Sac, Pieces By The Slice. For coffee, Identity Coffees is my neighborhood coffee shop and office when need be. For beer, Capitol Beer and Taproom near Sac State is one of the best places to go for craft beer in the city. For photos, anywhere. There are so many great little locations scattered all over the city. I have the most fun exploring those places.

How would you describe Sacramento to somebody that’s not from here?

A little city or a big town that’s ever-growing and changing. We’ve become a great craft beer hub for Northern California with a blossoming downtown scene and great food all over the city.

What are some of your 2017 goals?

This will be an interesting year for me, I hope. I’ve pushing my photography work more seriously than ever. I’ve been more motivated since the turn of the year to make something more of the hobby I’ve played with for almost 7 years now. I don’t necessarily having a concrete goal, just to grow and become a happier, positive person overall, while doing what I love to do. That’s all I want.


Connect with Vincent Vredenburg and discover more of his art on Instagram.

Photos by Vincent Vredenburg

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Victoria is a music and arts contributor reporting on live events and festivals happening throughout California. She was born and raised in Sacramento and recently graduated from the University of California, Davis, majoring in Design and minoring in Professional Writing. Her hobbies include browsing through fashion blogs, photography, listening to new music, thrift store shopping and going on weekend road trips. She's always down for an adventure and meeting new people.

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