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The Work From Home Trend Is Here To Stay: How You Can Get In On It

“Don’t worry, I work from home,” may become a phrase many in the Sacramento region hear at a happy hour that has gone too long or a dinner that is scheduled late. Those who hear this phrase may wonder how they can gain employment that will allow that type of flexibility. The next question that is asked internally is if you can make this a career or if this would be financially feasible for you.

The percentage of people working from home has increased each of the last ten years. Some industries have found that it actually increases the productivity of certain employees by allowing them to work from home. Below you will find some tips to get started working from home as well as a few current opportunities.

Ask Your Current Job

There are plenty of people who might have the opportunity to work from home but are too afraid to ask. Most jobs that are production based might not have a problem with telecommuting as long as your numbers don’t go down. Sales are the perfect example of something that can be done at a high level when working from home. A great way to ask for this is to do a presentation of your current expectations and how you will surpass these while working from home. No company will deny a person who wants to work from home and promises increased production. Those people who ask who have lagging numbers are sure to be denied as working from home is a privilege that not all people deserve. Showing autonomy at work and needing little guidance are the perfect traits of someone looking to work from home.

Full-Time or Part-Time

Plenty of people can make money even if their job denied their request to work from home. Any hours that you are free there are plenty of opportunities to make money through a variety of ways. Freelancers can make a full-time career off of contract jobs that they pick up via companies or individuals. The most important thing you can do is weigh your options if you are debating going freelance full-time. Take a few months to try to build an existing client base and work your freelance and office job. Once you have stabilized a few clients and can expect a certain amount of income, then you can plan on leaving your full-time job. Many people will want to build up a nest egg when considering leaving the corporate world in case of an emergency.  This can happen when multiple clients do not have additional work for a freelancer at the same time.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to earn money especially if you have quite the following. There are certain tips that will help you monetize your social media accounts. Many companies are looking for social media professionals to monitor all of their accounts. Social media is not just promotion as many customers might have a problem that they had with a service or product and they turn to social media. Responding to this is extremely important as a lack of response shows lack of care and it can end up in a business losing a customer entirely.

Virtual Assistant

Plenty of companies are in need of virtual assistants that can help with organizing and even responding to emails. There are people who need their time spent on important tasks so administrative tasks might be thrown to the side. This can be everything from arranging meetings to reminders about deadlines. A great virtual assistant will act like an executive assistant and can even take calls if they are forwarded to a phone near themselves.

The above just scratches the surface of possibilities when it comes to earning money from home. Being able to work from home allots people unlimited freedom to work from anywhere in the world as long as there is a reliable internet connection. Explore your options of working from home today!

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