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A Historic Women’s March in Sacramento [Photos]


Joining countless women across the United States and numerous countries throughout the world, tens of thousands of Sacramento women, men and children came together for the Women’s March on Sacramento on Saturday.

According to the Women’s March website, the mission of the marches this weekend were to voice solidarity for the protection of rights, safety and health of all women. There have been several women’s marches in history, however, this year’s march assembled groups from all over the state in a united protest against the current presidency, less than 24 hours following the presidential inauguration. On a national scale, the collective efforts are being recognized as the largest protest in recorded history.

Sacramento’s demonstration began at Southside Park at 10 a.m., where the number of demonstrators took off on their course with thousands of pink hats, signs and chants declaring their intentions. By noon, the groups reached California’s State Capitol where political members and vocal leaders of the community held a rally sharing words of encouragement.

Sacramento’s newly elected Mayor, Darrell Steinberg, lead the speeches with a heartfelt opening message, declaring no need to be an elected official to make a difference in the community.

“We have not lost our ability to change lives for the better,” said Steinberg. “For if we are strong and if we are smart – and we are – we will not be naive about the challenges ahead, but we will also use this temporary setback as a rallying cry to dramatically up our commitments to each other and our values.”

From 11-year-old Kennedy Schoennauer’s lessons on personal accountability to Alejandra Valles’ open letter from a rape survivor, and each speaker throughout the day, Steinberg’s message was reciprocated.

“Being an American and being a Sacramentan means fighting for American values,” said Steinberg. “And our values proclaim that all of our population is worthy of equal pay, equal opportunity and basic reproductive rights. I am not going to be silent and I know looking at this crowd, neither will you.”

For more information on the march, visit womensmarchsac.com.

Photos by Cesar Alexander


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Cesar Alexander

Cesar Alexander is assistant editor for Sacramento Press. A native to California, he enjoys writing and discovering the varieties of art, live music, nature and everyday wonders the Sacramento region has to offer.

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