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Ask a 3-5 Year Old: What Are You Thankful For? (or Not)


In an exciting new venture, children from the Goddard School in Rancho Cordova were asked to gather a perspective from Sacramento’s youngest citizens. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the kids were asked to share what they were thankful for and what they were not thankful for.

While some of the children, ages 3 to 5, were able to give a brief response, a few were given time to draw their answers. From the familiar to the one-of-a kind, these kids had a little bit of everything to share.

What are you thankful for?

“Coloring at nap time.”

“My mommy giving me hugs every morning when I wake up.”

“For my mommy because she teaches me to be a lawyer and a doctor.”

“For me getting a lollipop after my flu shot.”

“My dad letting me sleep in his bed until I’m 18 years old.”

“My toys.”

“Video games.”

“My mommy because she gives me hugs and kisses.”

“The baby in my mommy’s tummy.”

“My grandma’s feast.”

“Water fighting.”



“My brother.”

“Haunted houses.”

“The park.”

“The beach.”


“Living with my mommy and daddy.”


What are you NOT thankful for?

“Mommy and Daddy knocking down my block tower.”

“When I get stuck on the freeway.”

“When my toys get stuck in my hair.”

“Not having my iPad for a whole week because I got in trouble with it – I hit it.”

“My mom and dad giving me a bunch of dinner to eat because I can’t eat it all.”

“Baby brother running away from me when I’m trying to play with him.”

“My friends not being nice to me.”

“Getting yelled at”

“Mommy and Daddy not playing with me all the time.”

“My baby brother, because I can’t play with him.”*


When crayons break:


When my brother doesn’t like my drawings:


“When I wake up in the middle of the night. Because it is not Christmas yet.”

“When you play hide and seek with my brother and they hide somewhere I can’t find them.”

(Answers are written verbatim.)

*Mom is currently pregnant.

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