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Drum Lab to Transition All Locations to Music Lab

Music Lab

This summer, Drum Lab expanded their program to go beyond just drums by providing multi-instrument instruction at a new location they named Music Lab. Building off the success of that model, Drum Lab has decided to transition all their locations to Music Lab.

The first Music Lab opened in Granite Bay and now their two Drum Lab locations—one in East Sacramento and one in Rocklin—will soon have a new sign hanging above their door.

The East Sacramento location has, in fact, already made the transition and the Rocklin location will transition in January after they expand the space of their current location into the building next door.

More space is needed to make the transition possible at the Rocklin location since they currently don’t have the room to add more instruments.

“Rocklin is our busiest location with around 200 drumming students,” said Drum Lab owner Serge Lysak. “In order to teach guitar and piano and other instruments, we have to add rooms because all the rooms are full of drums.”

The decision to transition all locations to Music Lab much the same reflects the reason they opened a multi-instrument location in the first place.

“It just makes sense,” said Lysak. “[Expanding the program] gives students the opportunity to come and take lessons in multiple instruments as well as giving multiple people in the same family the opportunity take lessons at the same time.”

Another big motivator behind the decision is to give instructors the opportunity to connect with each other, form bands, develop a career in music, and to find a place where they’re happy to teach.

“There are a lot of places out there where the instructor gets the short end of the stick,” explained Lysak. “As instructor myself previously, I want this place that we’re building to not be that way. I want the instructor to feel valued…If your instructors are not happy to be here or they’re not positive, students get a negative experience. So everything starts and stops with your instructors.”

In terms of what will change, Lysak says the DNA of who they are and how they do business will remain the same and any changes made will only be for the better. Change and expansion enhances the program, he says, because they’re able to provide better facilities and to create music programs, band programs, group lessons, and more activities. All of that equates to what Lysak calls a stronger system and a stronger team.

“We’re excited about this transition because more students will be able to learn music, more teachers will be able to find a great place to teach, and it will enhance the communities within as well as the arts and music communities in general,” said Lysak.

Stay up to date with Drum/Music Lab on Facebook and learn more about scheduling a free lesson at musiclab.co.

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