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We Launched a New Site! Here’s What’s New

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely noticed that things look a little different around here. That’s because we launched a new website and we’re excited to invite you to explore what’s new. The site is a mere reflection of a couple years of work shaping who we are and what we do in the city. And with the site finally launched, our thoughts are spinning with ideas for new sections, new stories, and new features. We hope you’ll stick around and join us as we venture into our next chapter.

Wondering what’s new? Here’s what you’ll find:


When we put our heads (and imaginations) together, we knew we wanted something clean, modern, and engaging to readers. You’ll see the new design offers a host sections, improved browseability, a fresh look, an easily accessible events calendar and fun social media integration where you find us out and about in the city.


SacPress has been around many years and has published a countless variety of articles. It’s taken a couple years to develop who we want to be now while always keeping our eye on change, growth, and reinvention. “What’s happening in the city” is the phrase we throw around here a lot—and its a focus you’ll see in our articles, whether it be a theater review, event promotion, tips on good or new eats, or coverage on local happenings, arts, topics or sports. Supporting local businesses and highlighting local people is also a passion of ours, as you’ll see in our new “Spotlights” section that features the movers and shakers who make our community unique.

Photo of the Week

Have a stellar travel pic? A perfectly captured human interest photo? A shot from one of the city’s events? This new section highlights the amateur and professional photographers among us as we invite readers to submit their photos to be featured as SacPress’ Photo of the Week. Whether artistic, stand-outish or capturing everyday life, we’re excited to accept and highlight photos of all kinds.

News from Our Sponsors

News from Our Sponsors is the community’s chance to hear from our sponsors, who are none other than local businesses sharing out news about upcoming events and business happenings, or offering their expertise on a topic no one knows better than themselves. Not only is this another opportunity for us to “support local”, but it is also an opportunity to see why we all should. After all, when it comes to creating a sense of community, the only thing second to the people around us who do are the businesses local to the area who work hard to service and create an identity within the community they reside.

City Guides

Sacramento has often been dubbed a big small town, with sprawling clusters of neighborhoods and businesses, restaurants, and things to do spread throughout. City Guides is a just-budding directory we’re building to connect you to the museums, local businesses, restaurants, and recreation opportunities this city has to offer. Have a business to add? The community is invited to help us build the directory by adding the businesses you want to see.

Community Voice

Ok, so this section isn’t new, but it is uniquely SacPress. SacPress started as a place for community journalists and professional writers to convene to tell the city’s stories. And it continues to be since we still allow it to be a place for the community to share out their “insider’s” perspective on any of the topics we cover. The Community Voice section is especially devoted to hearing from residents about the topics they care about most. Have something you’d like to say? Visit our Write for Us page to learn how you can join the conversation.


What do you think? We happily welcome feedback, suggestions, or ideas about the site or how we can better serve you. Leave a comment or email your thoughts to contactus@sacramentopress.com.


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