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‘Anime’-ted Labor Day Weekend at the Convention Center

The Sacramento Convention Center, once again, hosted the popular SacAnime convention on Sept. 2-4, 2016.

An estimated crowd of more than 20,000 attended the massive gathering. Guests picked up and purchased tickets on line were able to purchase their tickets at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento. Thousand of cosplayers and fans, on Saturday, also made their way to the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium where the cosplayer masquerade took place.

Businesses around the con benefited from the huge influx of visitors to SacAnime. With several other events in Sacramento during the Labor Day Weekend taking place SacAnime attracts a sizable crowd at their gatherings.

Historically, this event, attracts its largest crowd on Saturday and the Convention Center is literally packed from wall to wall. As such SacAnime schedules a number of events to keep guests moving to different venues. A fashion show, several dance events, a concert, a masquerade and video contests were scheduled for Saturday along with its many panels, autograph sessions, gatherings and workshops.

The Geek Fashion Show has grown and attracted various designers. The show included designs for toddlers all the way up to adults.

I missed the last Kpop Battles and was pleasantly surprised as to how exciting and popular the event was. Other dance events included the Starlight Ball and the popular Late Night Electronic Dance.

The Starlight Ball features ballroom dancing and requires formal or semi-formal attire. Ballroom dancers are able to attend several dance workshops to help with basic steps.

The most popular event, in my opinion, is the Cosplay Masquerade which was held at the Memorial Auditorium. This was the first masquerade that I have not attended and heard that the event had some issues at the beginning since the scheduled judges did not show. Several impromptu judges were gathered and helped the event continue.

At this con a couple of incidents required emergency medical services. Both, I believe, were related to the heat and crowded circumstances. I will not speculate on the circumstances but hope SacAnime will use this as a lesson learned for future cons.

The Sacramento Greek Festival which is also held at the Convention Center has partnered with SacAnime for a couple of years and at the closing ceremonies SacAnime Announcer, Joe Deas, disclosed that the Greek Festival was moving to a different venue.

The SacAnime con continues to grow and the growth stimulates the economy in areas around the Convention Center. SacAnime will return to Sacramento on January 6-8 2017.

A slideshow containing more photos from the con can be found on youtube at SacAnime Summer 2016.






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