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Green Almond Farm makes Fresh Produce Accessible and Tasty

With Sacramentans more aware of where their food options originate from, buying straight from the source is becoming the favorable norm.

One such option is Green Almond Farm, a quintessential local farm perfect for sustainable-minded customers looking for a direct relationship with those who grow their produce.

To get as small and local as possible, Green Almond Farm is ran by UC Davis graduates Lola Quasebarth, Hank Teicheira and Jack Taylor. The three of them lease out land shared with other local farmers in Winters. With only 1.5 acres, the young trio is able to give special attention to each crop that grows.

“We probably have 30-40 different crops, we have 10 different types of flowers and 15 different types of tomatoes, we have a ton of variety,” said Quasebarth. “We pay attention to everything and give energy to smaller amounts because we love them, they taste good and we want other people to experience them.”

Green Almond Farm is personal about their produce and keeping the relationship between farmer and consumer as direct as possible. They are currently focusing on creating CSA boxes for the home cook. These CSA boxes are like a fresh version of ready-made meals.

“A lot of our decision on what to plant was based on what we like to eat,” said Quasebarth. “We’re not going to grow things we don’t want to eat.”

Their current selection has the classic picking of summer produce: eggplant, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes and eggplant, as well as a fresh selection of zinnias for the dining room table. Currently, their favorite item is the pepper, and they are growing multiple different types of colorful options, ranging from gypsy, padrone, bull’s horn, banana and the bright purple buena mulata.

“We check how everything fits together on a plate, which is sweet to present to these individuals through a box,” says Quasebarth. “It says: this is what we’re growing and this is what our farm does.”

To sign up for a CSA box email the farmers at greenalmondfarm@gmail.com, or send a message via Facebook or Instagram: @GreenAlmondFarm.

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