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CrockerCon: Celebrating Local Artists

Sacramento comic fans are geeking together as the Crocker Art Museum presents its fourth annual ArtMix: CrockerCon on Thursday, September 8.

Beyond comic books, this year’s event will feature the works of independent game designers, live artist exhibitions, a character-themed karaoke and a masquerade parade and dance off, just to get things started. In addition, there will be live podcasts with audience interaction and a giant coloring book featuring artists’ submitted works for guests to color in with magic markers.

Since 2012, this event has showcased some of the region’s most talented comic book writers and illustrators in a joyful environment meant to bring comic fans together and welcome the curious-minded as well.

One such talent, Eben Burgoon, creator and writer of the comic book series “B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune,” has been a co-coordinator of the event since its inception. Originally from San Luis Obispo, he came to the capital city in 2008 and has worked almost exclusively with Sacramento artists on his ambitious B-Squad project, which features a rambunctious group of Sacramento-based soldiers fighting to stay alive.

“Art takes time,” said Burgoon. “It’s work, there’s a lot of passion and heart in that work, but it’s work.”

Burgoon himself has put in a lot of work with the community in Sacramento by providing his experience to help younger generations learn how to get their creative ideas into the right hands, by creating a curriculum based around comics. He was also a member of the Flywheel incubator program which helped create a platform for creatives to get into the business market.

“It was kind of designed to help make some really good creatives grow rapidly in the Sacramento region,” said Burgoon. “I was part of that and it kind of helped grow what I was doing really fast and gave me a greater appreciation for how we can kind of use the arts to create more engaged businesses [to pay] artists.”

CrockerCon - B-SquadWhile those ventures may have reached a limit, Burgoon’s dedication to the world of comics is limitless.

“I really just love the independent spirit of comic so I kind of just kept my path more independent-minded and tried to curate and grow talent,” said Burgoon. “ I started B-Squad in 2012 and now we’re on our second volume. We’ve got over 200 pages and we have almost a dozen artists [who have] individually worked on the book with eight art teams working on the ten missions that are out there.”

By no coincidence, B-Squad and CrockerCon have continued individual success, which will come together on Thursday for the public to enjoy.

CrockerCon welcomes all ages to attend, while those who are of age are free to take advantage of five dollar drink specials throughout the night.

To register for the event, visit: crockerartmuseum.org

And for more information on Eden Burgoon’s “B-Squad,” visit: www.bsquadcomic.com

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