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Sacramento Zoo Welcomes Baby Hoglets

red river hoglets

The Sacramento Zoo is excited to welcome four newborn Red River Hogs!

Midafternoon on April 3 the adult pair of Red River Hogs welcomed two female hoglets and two male hoglets, each weighing between 2 and 2.5 pounds.

The Red River Hog family has been off-exhibit for the first week while the family bonds, but the four youngsters navigated to their exhibit on Monday and can now be viewed by the public.

Inspired by Star Wars, zookeepers named the two males Poe and Kylo, and the females Finn and Rey.

When fully grown, the hogs will weigh between 120 and 250 pounds and reach three to five feet in length. Until about three months of age, hoglets are brown with yellowish stripes. This coloring serves as effective camouflage in the wild. Adult Red River Hogs are best known for their long ears with hair tufts and reddish-brown fur.

Native to the dense tropical forests of Central to West Africa, localized Red River Hog populations are in decline due to subsistence hunting for food, being killed as agricultural pests, and the commercial bushmeat trade. The Sacramento Zoo’s participation in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Red River Hog SSP program contributes directly to the species’ long term survival.

Become a Red River Hog Zoo Parent for $80 and receive a photo of the youngsters, a plush hog, an invitation to the Zoo Parent Party and more!

Purchase tickets to the zoo at saczoo.org to see the hoglets while they’re still in their infant stage as well as the many other animals the zoo cares for.

Red River Hoglets

Photos by Tonja Candelaria


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