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Hall of Fame Showcases Local Talent to a Growing Sacramento Scene

Hall of Fame, CEO, Robbie Metcalf atop the Warehouse Artists Lofts in Midtown.

Hall of Fame.

Tapping right into the heart of Sacramento’s youthful future is Hall of Fame, a company that has grown from throwing local house parties to emerging themselves as an international media, music, event and entertainment company made up of a local collective of young artists and entrepreneurs.

Since 2008, Tony Christ, Byron Hughes, Damian Lynch and Robbie Metcalf have created a grassroots approach to giving the Sacramento youth a reason to come together. Whether curating events at local venues, producing music featuring Sacramento artists or putting on their annual HOF Day Party music festival, HOF has established a strong and growing presence in Sacramento.

We sat down with Robbie Metcalf, HOF’s Chief Executive Officer, Editor in Chief and Label Manager, atop the Warehouse Artist Lofts’ terrace as he detailed the past, present and future of HOF in a city on the rise of global recognition.

How would you describe Sacramento’s current culture?

Personally, I’m in love with the culture of Sac and I love the people and I love the spirit. We’re a city that’s on the come up and people are really starting to [appreciate us] now and I love it. There’s just so many opportunities and so many different people that are doing what they want to do and figuring out their lanes. It’s inspiring.

Where does HOF stand in the current rise of Sacramento?

What HOF is super, super, super known for in Sacramento is our HOF Day Party, and that’s our annual festival here on the Sacramento River Walk. Anybody who you see on that bill is a Sacramento-affiliated artist, talent, somehow.

Beyond that, our record label is something we’ve really started developing in the past year, and you know we’re putting out singles on a pretty regular basis and it’s all Sacramento talent. We have some relationships with The Fader, EarMilk and Complex and some of these big outside networks that are starting to take a look at Sacramento talent and be like, ‘Oh, this is pretty dope.’

Our website: It’s unbelievable what’s happened in the last two years. We’re getting submissions from all over the world, like Europe and South America. At the end of the day it’s a blog that’s for Sacramento, but it’s just really cool to see it become something bigger. People are starting to hear us from all around the world, so, it’s pretty cool.

This last year was, in my personal opinion, our biggest year to date. We launched #BetterGirls which is a whole new network underneath HOF that’s an all-girls network and it’s all about spotlighting young girls that are doing cool s***, whether they’re models, or whether they’re artists, or whether they’re entrepreneurs or just anything.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I’m inspired all the time by people out here that are doing the things that they want to do that people say that they can’t do. TBD Fest is probably the biggest example. We’re pretty close with Clay [Nutting] and Michael Hargis and everybody said TBD Fest can’t be done, especially in Sacramento, and they’re like our mentors. That’s just inspiring. We go to TBD Fest and we see 50,000 people come out, you know, and it’s just like, ‘Wow, this can be done.’

It’s an exciting time to be young and from Sacramento.

We want to stay connected with the youth forever, ‘cause that’s where this started. It started with us throwing house parties because there was literally nothing else for us to do.

And I just personally feel, I don’t know if it’s that we’ve gotten to where we are and we’re in a better position to talk to different people that are doing stuff, but there’s nobody in Sacramento that I feel like I can’t talk to and come to some sort of agreement with and work with in some way or support in some way. I feel like everybody that I encounter personally is ready to do something bigger, something new like, ‘Yeah, let’s [definitely] do something, why not?’

So, what’s next for 2016?

So 2016 is our second annual HOF Day Party in the summer. Right now we’re in the super early phases and we’re approaching big corporate sponsors. We’ve got Soosh*e! from Hot 103.5. He’s going to be headlining and bringing out some special guests.

We’re teaming up with FAME Sundays and we’re going to be doing a monthly event there at Dive Bar, just to have something cool every month and bring everybody together.

We’re focused on building an app and making it more mobile-friendly and just more of a straightforward music site where you can play songs directly without reading the posts, favorite your favorite songs and make playlists.

And then, probably our biggest new establishment, or new thing that we’re going to be doing in 2016 is this HOF Up Next Tour. Our vision is to really do what we do here in Sacramento, but in cities all across the country. Taking HOF outside of Sacramento in terms of events is a big focus this year. ♦


HOF will be teaming up with TBD Fest to host a New Years Eve party at LowBrau featuring DJ’ing by Metcalf and special guest performances by C Plus, Soosh*e!, Roman Austin, Diego Delgado and Lunaverse. Check out HOF and come ready to enjoy a fun farewell to 2015. RSVP in advance or $20 at the door.

To learn more about multitude of things Hall of Fame is doing in Sacramento, visit their website at HOFisBetter.com.

Photo courtesy of Robbie Metcalf


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