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Letter to the Editor: In Light of Paris and San Bernardino

In light of the recent, tragic events in Paris and San Bernardino, I feel compelled to voice my opinion as a concerned American citizen.

Let me first say how saddened I am by these events, and how my heart goes out to these innocent victims and their families who have unjustly suffered at the hands of these wicked people. I am pleased that I live in a country that feels compelled to act in response to events of this monstrosity, to protect innocent lives.

But this I ask. How can we move to protect innocent lives against this kind of terror without also stopping the mass destruction of the humanly most innocent and helpless of people within our own borders: the unborn American? How many doctors and teachers, scientists and librarians, shop keepers and politicians, firemen and social workers, pastors and soldiers have we willfully aborted before they even tasted the fresh air of hope and opportunity? We may have destroyed the cure for cancer or AIDS, the next renewable energy source, a quantum leap in educational methodology or a future President of the United States.

This evil has been propagated by all. Either by active participation or by silent omission on behalf of the helpless and innocent. Since 1973, we have killed more than 53 million unborn Americans. We have actually surpassed and eclipsed every prior massacre, mass murder and genocide that we despise and disdain. We have made chump change of Hitler’s 6 million, Stalin’s 20 million, Somalia’s 300,000 and countless others. How can we see clearly to remove terrorists from murdering innocent people without first removing the plank from our own eye, the mass murder of the most innocent and helpless of people on the planet?

We cannot change the past and the history books are already stained red with the blood of tens of millions of unborn Americans. But let us resolve to change the future. We were one of the last developed nations to abolish slavery; let us now lead the way in banning the murder of unborn children. We cannot hope for righteous victory against terror, and for the protection of innocent people without first conquering it between our own shining seas.

– A Concerned Citizen

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