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Study: How Politics and Age Shape Your Holiday Outlook

Study: How Politics and Age Shape Your Holiday Outlook

America is a melting pot of people with vast differences in race, religion, cultural heritage and opinions on how the nation should be run. So it’s no wonder that when the holidays roll around, traditions and preferences in how to celebrate are just as vast.

But have you ever wondered how age and political affiliation shape American’s outlook on December festivities?

If you’re anything like us, probably not, but we’re glad Russell Herder, a creative and research firm, did, because the results of their study that asked U.S. adults about their holiday attitudes and habits is an interesting look in how political ideation and generational association impacts your approach to this festive time of year.

For instance, Republicans are found to be the merriest during the holidays, with 77% reporting feeling happy and jolly compared to 63% of Democrats, 61% of Independents, and 4% of those unaffiliated with a political party. A higher percentage of Republicans (36%) also always donate to charity during the holidays compared to Democrats (25%), and GenX’ers are 2x more likely than Boomers to never give. (While the study didn’t indicate, we wonder if the same can be said for Millennials?)

When it comes to Christmas tunes, childhood favorites and vintage classics tops the list for us all, but following close behind are a bunch of grinches who prefer no holiday music at all (maybe the radio stations playing 24/7 holiday music is overkill?). Independents, however, like their Country, with nearly 2x as many Independents preferring country over Democrats.

Most holiday dinners for all parties call for potluck style contributions (50%), but Democrats are more likely than Republicans to take on the task themselves and Millennials are 4x more likely than Boomers to get dinner catered. Looks like our inner Martha Stewart comes out for some, not for us all.

And what about conversations around the dinner table? Most of us like to take a break from politics with only 3% discussing the hot topic at the dinner table and 45% choosing not to invite any presidential candidate if given the chance. Anybody interested in inviting Trump or Hilary to your dinner table?

To get the full scoop of the study’s results, check the fun infographic below. Learn more about the study and Russell Herder at russellherder.com.


Holiday Snapshot


Study: How Politics and Age Shape Your Holiday Outlook via @sacramentopress

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