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Touring Artist Spotlight: RAC is “Going Our Own Way”

RAC at TBD Fest 2014 - photo by Tori Kobayashi

At the end of October, Andre Anjos is hitting the road with the band for RAC’s “Going Our Own Way” tour. The band, who played at Sacramento’s TBD Fest in 2014, hasn’t played any new material since debuting their single “Back of the Car” at this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival. After his latest album Anjos decided to experiment with a new way of putting out new music for his fans. Since June, he decided to take a risk by distributing his original material entirely independently of financial support. He put a lot of focus into the new material and decided to release his music as a series of monthly singles instead of putting weight on creating an entire album and the pressure for fans to accept the album as a whole rather than enjoying each individual single.

When he dropped his first single of the monthly single series, “Back of the Car”, he posted on Facebook, “This song is the first in a series of singles I’ll be releasing for the next undetermined while. It’s fitting that the first song is about living freely.”

Very few people have the luxury of waking up every day and doing a job they absolutely love doing, and I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Andre Anjos to talk about the band’s current projects and plans for the upcoming tour.

How does it feel to be heading back on tour?

Touring is very tiring and exhausting. There’s a mix of frustrating and fun moments, but at the end of the tour you always remember the good times. I’m lucky enough to be on tour and play shows with my friends. We’re at a point where we get along really well as a band, and it’s something you can only get to this point from playing so many shows together.

What do you have in store for your Going Our Own Way tour?

It’s still the same set-up with five people on stage, but we’ll be making tweaks to the tracklist, adding in some of the new songs. So on a musical level it will be different.

I know you’ve worked with Katie Herzig previously on “We Belong”. How was it working with her on “3AM”? How was it different?

3AM” was a little strange because it was originally written by Lauren Aquilina and I was producing it, but legally Lauren couldn’t sing on it. We kinda needed a third person to come in and bring it to life and that’s when Katie came in and nailed it. She’s an easy person for me to work with, she really understands songwriting and we have very little back and forth during the creative process. “We Belong” is actually one of my favorite tracks of the last album.

On top of working on new material you also made a video game soundtrack for Master Spy. How did that come about with you being so busy with making new music and gearing up for your tour?

I enjoy taking on a challenge. Whenever I ask myself “why did I take on all this work?” it’s the feeling of overcoming all the obstacles and making it through that makes it all worth it.

A college friend of mine was working on a video game and the producer backed out halfway through the creation process. I don’t remember if he asked me or if I asked him, but eventually I stepped in to help make the game become a reality. I was always very into video games. I grew up playing them and enjoyed the music created for it.  It gave me a new way of thinking creatively when it comes to producing music.

What are you most excited to do while touring?

It’s a high-intensity lifestyle while we’re touring. There’s always so much to do to prepare, perform and travel, for shows, but there’s always in-between time that we try to fill in with little adventures. I bring my camera everywhere with me. It’s like leaving the house without your cell phone. I’m always taking pictures with it, and lately I’ve been taking so many pictures of my new kittens (@boandjuno) that have been taking up all my time.

Where is your favorite place to play in California?

The west coast is definitely good to the band and my favorite place to play. Towards the end of our tour we’re headed to San Diego and LA. The LA show at The Shrine feels like an important milestone for us because it’s a very big place to play. From starting at the Troubadour to the Fonda on our last tour, The Shrine feels like a huge level up and we’re hoping to live up to the name.

Are we going to be hearing new music anytime soon?

After putting out our 2014 album, I decided to experiment with the way I would release my music in the current landscape by releasing monthly singles instead of focusing on making singles for an album. This gives me the opportunity to put more focus on each individual single and let fans take it in without the idea of it being attached to an album. Right now I’m early in the process of finishing the single for December, and releasing my new single “One House” featuring my friend, Speak, very soon (October 23rd)!


RAC will be kicking off their tour at San Francisco’s LIVE 105 Scream Scene on Oct. 30 where they will be opening for Passion Pit. Immediately after they’ll begin headlining shows in Detroit. Listen to his latest singles and check out rac.fm for more information about his upcoming tour.

Check out RAC’s latest single, just released today:

Connect with RAC


Photo: RAC at TBD Fest 2014. By Tori Kobayashi.

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