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Ask the County Law Librarian – Feeding parking meters

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Q: I recently received a parking ticket for parking at a meter for too long. I had fed the meter, so it was not expired when I was ticketed. Is it really illegal to do that? I thought as long as the meter was fed, I was OK.

– Terri

A: Despite popular belief, feeding a parking meter will not prevent you from receiving a ticket. If you have been in the parking space longer than the posted period, you may be ticketed.

The code is very clear on this topic. Sacramento City Code section 10.40.100 states: “Parking or standing a vehicle in a parking meter space shall be lawful up to the maximum time indicated on the parking meter, on the pay-by-space or pay-and-display machine, or on posted signs. No person shall deposit in a parking meter or pay-by-space/pay-and-display machine any coins, currency, or city prepaid parking card for the purpose of extending the parking time of a vehicle beyond the designated maximum time allowed for parking.” The Sacramento County Code section 10.28.110 includes very similar language.

For more information on parking citations, including how to fight or pay your citation, see the City of Sacramento’s Parking Citation Information page, or the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Parking Enforcement page.

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