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Trend-Watching Chef Gives Inside Scoop of What to Expect at the Sacramento Burger Battle

Chef Jourdan de Sanctis
Chef Jourdan de Sanctis

So what exactly can we expect to see at Thursday’s 3rd annual mouth-watering, burger-loving, food-coma-inducing Sacramento Burger Battle? In preparation for the epic food event, culinary expert and US Foods chef Jourdan de Sanctis enthusiastically shared his predictions for the battle as well as the burger trends to watch for and why this staple American food is a blank canvas for culinary creativity.

“Obviously we’re gonna see lots of burgers, but I think these chefs are really going to push the limit and come up with some really exciting, fancy burgers,” Chef de Sanctis said of the sold-out event that brings together 15 Sacramento-area restaurants to compete for the best burger title in a simultaneous burger-tasting, charity-raising event (for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America) that also includes beer, wine, and live music.

San-Francisco-based Chef de Sanctis will not be competing, but will provide an impressive array of sides at the battle as a US Foods Food Fanatic chef, one of only 17 specialty chefs in the nation who travel the U.S. to keep up on food trends and to work with restaurant industry people by providing them the knowledge and resources they need to succeed.

As an avid trend-watcher, Chef de Sanctis gave a whole slew of things we should expect to see at the burger battle, including artisan buns (brioche or pretzel perhaps?), quality meats and veggie/turkey variations, an endless possibility of sauces, and fancy cheeses galore (try blue cheese, chive & horseradish cheddar, brown-ale-infused Red Dragon, or sage-marbled English Derby!).

“With burgers being such a big part of American history and heritage, they’re looking for a way to dress it up,” said Chef de Sanctis. “These twists give it a new flavor, a new pop, a new excitement.”

For his own creations—which will include black bean sliders, pork-jalapeno-cheddar meatball sliders, and a variety of sweet and savory pomme frite style fries—Chef De Sanctis will be using Korean inspired, secret spicy sauce and a black truffle sauce with a hollandaise base. He will also demonstrate how to create his Wine Country Burger—a burger inspired by the Napa Valley (known in the culinary world for inspiring ideas) made with US Foods’ chuck and short rib beef patty, crème of brie, jalapeno bacon, balsamic and red onion jam, on a high gloss artisan bun. (Check out his recipe here!)

“[The burger] is a blank canvas,” Chef de Sanctis said in response as to why it inspires such creativity. “You can go as basic as you want…or make it so over the top fancy that it competes with the best steak and the best fine dining food out there.”

“There’s so many things you can do with a burger, I don’t think there’s a lot you’re not gonna see,” he added.

And what advice does he have for chefs competing in the battle?

“Just have fun,” he said, advising them to not get too wrapped up in the competitiveness of the event. “Make food and think of the reason why you got into the business in the first place—it was to see people enjoy what you create and to have them taste new things…Enjoy getting your flavors out there and having the public taste and celebrate what you’ve created.”

The Burger Battle, Chef de Sanctis said, is a great opportunity to see our city’s chefs showcase the best of the best and what’s hot in the area. And with its charity support, “it really comes full circle,” he said, adding it’s a community, charity, and fun foodie event all in one.

While the Sacramento Burger Battle is sold out, more information about the event, including a list of restaurants competing and why it supports the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, is at sacburgerbattle.com.


Trend-Watching Chef Gives Inside Scoop of What to Expect at the Sacramento Burger Battle via @sacramentopress

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