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Fat Fairies Inspire Wildly Diverse Films at Sacramento International Film Festival

A screening of wildly creative and diverse short films by regional filmmakers, all produced within a single weekend, will kick off the 2014 Sacramento International Film Festival this Saturday, April 26. These short films are the result of the popular 48 Hours Sacramento event, in which filmmakers are presented with a theme and must embark on a frantic weekend of developing, filming, and editing their shorts.

This year’s theme, The Legacy of Fat Fairies, was unveiled to participants on Friday, April 4. The only preparation allowed was the gathering of a cast and crew. Filmmakers got their first view of what would creatively guide their next 48 hours when projected on a large screen was Smith’s series of fat fairy artwork.

Along with the theme came 3 additional stipulations. The film must include a magic wand, the line “You can’t handle the truth”, and a character named Badda Bing Badda Boom. As if these conditions weren’t confining enough, the filmmakers then drew genres from hat, which required each team to fit the specific guidelines into such disparate genres as romantic-comedy, horror, and conspiracy theory.

“I liken it to running a marathon,” first-time participant Matt Salvo said. “You don’t sleep at all.”

After working as the photographer for last year’s 48 Hours Sacramento screening, Salvo left thinking, “I can do that.” This year, his film Loop, the story of a magic wand welding time-traveler whose abilities stem from pixie dust, approaches the filmmaking event with all the enthusiasm and foolhardiness that makes it one of the most popular at the Sacramento International Film Festival.  Salvo went so far as to have his original score composed in London, using the time difference to his advantage.

The fat fairy theme stemmed from an off-hand conversation with Executive Director, Martin Anaya, and artist and friend, Sketch Smith. Smith had been describing her desire to create a series of fat fairies when brilliance struck in Anaya’s mind and he knew it’d make a great 48 Hours theme.

“It’s the first year we’ve had a perfect turn-in rate,” said Anaya. “We had 17 films start and 17 finish.”

There is in both the organizers and participants of 48 Hours Sacramento an excitement about the unpredictable and uniquely compelling art produced for the annual event. As in years past, awards are given in various categories after the screening, however, this year introduces an Audience Choice Award.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this fast-paced adventurous film screening Saturday, April 26 at the Crocker Art Museum (216 O Street) in Sacramento.  Attendees are encouraged to purchase tickets ($12) in advance through www.sacramentofilmfestival.com, but tickets are also available at the door.

For more information on 48 Hours Sacramento and other Sacramento International Film Festival events, call (916) 524-5138 or visit www.sacramentofilmfestival.com.

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