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Women Spotlighted at Sacramento Museums for Women’s History Month in March

In honor of Women’s History Month this March, members of the Sacramento Association of Museums (SAM) will feature exhibits and interactive events that spotlight the contribution and crucial role of women in our nation and area’s history—both now and in years past. Hear from and see work by influential and knowledgeable women of our time, including former First Lady Maria Shriver, former White House photographer Barbara Kinney, and author Cheryl Stapp.

“It’s our history,” said Janessa West, Public Programs Manager for the Historic Old Sacramento Foundation that will sponsor Women’s History Day. “It’s something people should know about…[By] seeing how people lived in a different time and how that’s changed and led us to where we are today, that’s really a good reason for people to come out.”

West spoke particularly of Women’s History Day, but just as the day is representative of the history of women as a whole, so, too, do all the exhibits represent the same truth that by seeing how women live and have lived, we better understand where we as a whole society are today.

Women on the Brink – Now through April 27 at The California Museum

View this photography exhibit by a team of award-winning photographers commissioned for The Shriver Report’s latest project “A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink”, which uncovers the financial vulnerability of millions of women in America living on the brink of poverty. The exhibit chronicles their stories. The Shriver Report’s project is also featured in the HBO documentary co-produced and narrated by Maria Shriver “Paycheck to Paycheck” (premiering March 17). For more information, visit www.californiamuseum.org.

Hands on History: Hard Working Women on the Frontier – March 15 at Sutter’s Fort

Get a hands-on look at what life was like for the hard working women of America’s frontier. Special guest Cheryl Stapp, historian and author of Disaster & Triumph: Sacramento Women, Gold Rush Through the Civil War and Sacramento Chronicles: A Golden Past, will give presentations throughout the day and be available to answer questions about frontier women in California and their vital role in frontier households. Life-on-the-frontier demonstrations abound, including canon firing, dutch-oven cooking, and musket demonstrations. Visitors will also be able to experience what it was like to camp with a wagon train in an interactive wagon trail exhibit. Life was anything but leisurely for these hard working women on the frontier! For more information, visit www.suttersfort.org.

Women’s History Day – March 29 in Old Sacramento

See Old Sacramento come to 19th-century-life in this Living History event that honors women’s history. Men and women reenactors dress in period attire and showcase how especially women’s fashion changed through the decades from the 1850s-1880s. Visitors will enjoy looking at the fashion of the era and learning how dresses could be restrictive (and even dangerous!). This free event is presented by the Historic Old Sacramento Foundation. For more information, visit www.historicoldsac.org

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