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Visit Sacramento Zoo’s Reptile House and Play Poker to Raise Funds

Keeper Kate and an American Alligator

As a place of thrills and exotic looking animals, Sacramento Zoo’s Reptile House certainly fits the bill; however, it offers more than pretty scales and shiny frogs. Did you know that the Reptile House is home to more than forty different animal species? Several of those species, such as the Western Pond Turtle and Henkel’s Leaf-tailed Gecko, are part of Species Survival Plans. This means that their populations are being managed to improve sustainability within collections among zoos.

The Reptile House is also home to some species not typically seen at other zoos. For example, the Yucatan Club-tailed Iguana is rarely seen in collections outside of Europe, yet the one living at Sacramento Zoo can be seen right next to its window on a daily basis.

The Zoo’s Reptile House is a fascinating place to visit, with a variety of species to see and learn about. Exhibits are constantly being updated, and new species are added from time to time. Some of the most recent additions include an Oustalet’s Chameleon, Giant Day Geckos, a Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula, Curlyhair Tarantulas and a Malaysian Blood Python!

Currently the Sacramento Zoo has a goal to update and expand its Reptile House exhibit, and fundraising for such renovations has begun. The new exhibits will feature multiple species together as they would cohabitate naturally in the wild. One way to support the renovations is as simple as playing a game of poker.

The Sacramento Zoo is holding a Texas Hold’em Showdown Poker Tournament, on Sunday, February 23 at the Old Sugar Mill, 35625 Willow Ave., Clarksburg. All proceeds from this event–complete with food, prizes, and poker–will go toward Reptile House renovations.

For more information on the poker tournament and the Zoo’s Reptile House collection visit saczoo.org.

Written by Sacramento Zoo Contributor Keeper Kate

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