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Suspicious devices located at Sac State College

Portions of the campus were shut down and evacuated at California State University Sacramento Thursday as a bomb squad evaluated several suspicious devices located in the area.

Sacramento State Police advised their social media followers that “a limited evacuation of the non-destruct laboratory [had been] conducted while the devices [were] being evaluated.”

“Just before 9 o’clock… we got a report that some suspicious bundles were found near the east end of the campus near the Guy West Bridge,” said Mark M. Iwasa, Chief/Director, Sacramento State Police.

“These bundles are similar to ones that were found periodically since September of last year consisting of tape wrapped, baseball sized bundles; which the intent of, we do not know.

These were found in an area near one of the facilities on campus so we did take precaution and moved some people out of one building. Sacramento Police Department came out to help analyze the packages…. At least the first two bundles were found to be similar to [the ones found previously] full of junk essentially,” Iwasa said.

Chief Iwasa talks with PSN about the incident

Sacramento State Police posted this notice on their Facebook page November 6, 2013 and December 13, 2013

The Sacramento State Police Department would like to make you aware of a series of incidents that have occurred on or around campus recently and ask for your assistance.

Bundles wrapped in electrician’s tape and/or duct tape and containing wires and broken pieces of electrical components have been found on or around campus. Please see the attached image. These bundles have varied in size, from that of a baseball to a softball. Although the purpose of these bundles has not been determined, they are wrapped in a way that resemble fake bombs. These devices are not real bombs and cannot be detonated.

The Sacramento State Police Department is interested in any information you may have regarding these bundles, their origin or presence on campus. Also, if you encounter one, please stay away from it and call the Police Department at (916) 278-6851 as soon as possible.

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