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Santa’s Sacramento Light Beacon!

It is a little known Christmas fact that Santa uses the houses of certain individuals around the world as navigation points in his yearly Christmas Eve journey around the world. I was astonished and delighted to find out that the house of my North Sac neighbor, John, is one of those locations. All of this is on the q.t., of course. Just between you and me, gentle reader.

Okay, seriously, like at Halloween, John has developed and grown his Christmas display over many, many years. This year’s display, the first one I have had the privilege to see go up in the weeks since the beginning of November is fantastic, amazing, outstanding…. Planned out by John, his son and grandson, it is wondrous to behold. It certainly has encouraged several others in the area to put up decorations.

I am going to let the photos of the display speak for themselves after just one more line. John shared with me that several years ago a photographer from the Sacramento Bee saw the display and wanted to do a photo story on it, but there was one hitch to the offer—John would have to remove the American flag that was displayed on his front porch since “it didn’t fit with the Christmas scene”. Well, let’s just say that John didn’t get his decorations featured in the Sac Bee. I will let you as readers figure out why.

So, without further ado, here are the photos.

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