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Bikers and pedestrians beware

There are a lot of distracted, intoxicated and inpatient people on the roads. Black Friday is just 2 weeks away and the Christmas crunch is set to start even earlier this year. Pedestrians and bicyclists are being picked off in small groups and singly.

Tuesday night, November 19th, a Sac High student was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Broadway and 4th Ave. in front of United Methodist church. This is that moment that every parent hopes never comes… that moment you see your child (no matter how minor the injuries may be) lying in the middle of the street, police and fire lights flashing all around and your daughter surrounded by firefighters and paramedics. [PSN PublicSafetyNews]

CBS13 Reported November 19: Pedestrians hit by car outside Sleep Train Arena after Sacramento Kings Game

SacBee Reported November 10- Second passenger dies after Sacramento hit-and-run crash

The inattentive or distracted driver is becoming the leading problem behind the wheel today. There are three forms of distraction behind the wheel, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. There is the visual form, being inattentive while the driver may be changing a song on the radio, taking their eyes off the road. There is the cognitive, the drivers out there with something else on their minds, not paying attention. Then there is the manual forum, where drivers are not maintaining proper control of the vehicle.

Here’s a little public service Announcement from the California Office of Traffic Safety that illustrate all three forms of distractions behind the wheel Visual, Cognitive and Manual.

The ripple effects of intoxicated drivers have been felt in virtually every urban neighborhood across America.

Now, I’m going to slow it down so that we can process this. According to the video, alcohol impaired drivers take ten thousand life’s a year and injure 173,000 including 27,000 with life altering injuries. There are about 300,000 impaired trips everyday, with nearly 1 in 3 traffic deaths involving alcohol.

There is a simple solution to all of this pay attention to the road, put your cell phone down and please don’t drink and drive.


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