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Vintage home to be demolished after partial overnight collapse – New Era

20131117_040144_LLSSacramento Fighters put their fire hoses and axes down as they grabbed power saws, drills, hammers,  shovels and a lot of wood in an attempt to save a midtown home early Sunday morning.

Fire crews were called when neighbors say they heard what they thought was the roof collapse in the middle of the night. When initial fire crews arrived, they found that the whole structure had sort-of torqued and twisted due to foundational failure on the back side.

The home, built in the early 1900’s was being rehabilitated. Sacramento fire officials say incompetent construction work was conducted during the day Saturday when dirt was removed from under the foundation and left in that manner. Through the night the house shifted and supporting parts of the structure fell into the hole.

20131117_040430According to fire officials presently there is nothing supporting the left rear of the structure, the wall is literally just hanging in the air.

Firefighters’ worst fear is that the exterior walls will collapse outward and damage neighboring homes.

Currently firefighters are working quickly to shore up the walls until the building can be taken care of.

A representative from the Unsafe Homes division of the City of Sacramento came out to the house and has subsequently pulled the construction permit.

Subsequent to our video interview with Chief Wiedenhoef, the decision was made to condemn the structure. A demolition crew was already on scene by 4 a.m. surveying the situation and making plans for demolition sometime after daybreak.

 [VIDEO] Craig Wiedenhoeft, Battalion Chief, Sacramento Fire Department, talks about the situation



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