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Dolvett Quince visits Sacramento

Dolvett Quince visits Sacramento

Five facts about Dolvett Quince;

  1. He is one of the trainers on NBC’s television show “The Biggest Loser”
  2. He’s a trainer to the stars and one of the most in-demand fitness specialists
  3. He’s a motivational speaker and author
  4. Along with three siblings was adopted by a Jamaican couple
  5. Was in Sacramento on Monday, Nov. 4

While in Sacramento Quince attended United Way’s 12th Annual Women in Philanthropy Luncheon at the Crocker Art Museum.

Approximately 260 people attended the luncheon which helped raise funds for foster youth. Kitty O’Neal of Newstalk 1530 KFBK and Tim Ray of AT&T served as emcees for the event.


Ray gave a brief overview of WIP’s involvement. One of the main goals of the project is “To prepare foster youth for successful adulthood,” said Ray.

United Way’s Women in Philanthropy is made up by a group of businesswomen, homemakers and community leaders. They also raise funds, hold drives and provide training workshops to help foster youth rise to their dreams.

Mentoring, life skill classes, and career educational planning are also part of the WIP foster youth program. Through guidance WIP hopes to prepare foster youth with financial know how and opportunity they would not get otherwise.

A fashion event was included as part of the luncheon. The runway at the Crocker included several WIP members and 10 local foster youth.


Fashionable wardrobe allowed the runway models to showcase current trends available at Macy’s. Foster youth were able to keep the Macy’s outfits they helped select courtesy of sponsors.

WIP and foster youth models appeared to enjoy walking the runway and did a great job showing off their wardrobe and showcased some of their personality as they moved along the catwalk.

 Camilla Ryland, Community/Public Relations Manager at Koinonia Homes For Teens introduced me to two foster youths who shared their experience.


“I didn’t feel any pressure, nervous or anything,” said 17-year-old Greg. “I like big crowds. When I was chosen I was kind of excited about getting new clothes and getting to share my story. As far as rehearsals, we just had fun and let go and it was fun. I like to do music. I like to rap with my friends. I’m just that type of person who likes sharing my feelings,” said Greg when asked about his runway experience.


Greg also shared that he would be moving out of the group home and was looking forward to someday owning a successful business in music providing a studio where kids could find a place to share their passion and express their love for music.

Natalie who is also 17 shared her experience saying, “I was nervous, I was really nervous but once I got on stage it felt good. It was empowering to see and hear a lot of people clap for me it was really nice.”

The young lady also shared that she loves to spend time with my son. “I have a child who is two. I love to play volleyball and listen to music,” said Natalie.

“I see myself finishing my associates degree and getting my bachelor’s and going to a master’s degree. I see myself finishing up school and become a registered nurse, said Natalie when asked about future plans.

Natalie shared that she loved the Macy’s outfit she selected. “I love it, it fits me really well and I like looking like a country mom,” said Natalie and as far as advising others to participate in the show she stated, “Do it, it’s something fun to do and you’ll enjoy that special attention.”

 Ruth Miller from Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance Agency and a United Way board member has attended the luncheon for several years. Miller is involved with United Way and was co-chair for the event. Describing the event Miller said, “I specially loved seeing the foster youth on the runway they were really proud to be up there and they get to keep clothes they’re wearing I think that’s a really nice thing they get to do and it gives them confidence.”


The philanthropy luncheon brought Quince to the stage where he spoke about his experience in foster care. Later in the day Quince also made his way to the YMCA located at 2021 W Street. At the Y Quince participated in the United Way’s Fit Kids project.

Several school buses brought over 200 elementary school aged kids to hear Quince speak about the benefits of nutrition and exercise.

The Fit Kids project educates children about healthy food and physical activity and helps promote livelong habits to fight obesity and other health conditions as they grow.


Before Quince entered the gym Andy Sheehy, Senior VP of Resource Development for the United Way shared some information about the Fit Kids program. “Fit Kids was not created just to identify kids that need more help with being physically active but also provide them with a better understanding of nutritional guidelines,” said Sheehy. He also noted that a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of the Fit Kids project.

As far as the YMCA and United Way’s Fit Kids program Sheehy shared how they work in tandem. “The Fit Kids program is a United Way program that other nonprofits implement and so what we do is grant funds to different nonprofit organizations like the Y, where we’re at today. They’re the ones who actually go out and identify the kids in the program and actually implement the services.,” said Sheehy.

When asked about reaching out to the “Biggest Loser” trainer Sheehy said, “We reached out to him. He is an individual who is obviously well known because of his affiliation to the TV show The Biggest Loser but we also have a different subset of our group that we deal with, with kids who are foster youth. So we had another event today geared toward that, we had two events on the same day. He himself is a former foster youth and the interesting thing though is he has a background with the Y as well growing up so it was a natural fit to get him involved int the Fit Kids program.”

When asked what is the most rewarding part of being involved with United Way Sheehy stated, “You know the staff that I work with is the best staff that I’ve ever worked with in my life. People here are so passionate about what they do, they’re absolutely at the top of their game I think. I’m so blessed to work with them and they’re a great team. I would say that’s what pops to the top of my head. Every time I think about United Way it makes me smile.”

As children gathered at the gym several volunteers helped prepare them for a fitness activity with Quince by conducting stretching exercises and other fun activities.


A stage was set up for Quince and the kids loudly and cheerfully greeted the trainer as he was introduced.

Quince’s enthusiasm and positive attitude captivated all in attendance but specially the kids. Besides talking about fitness Quince talked about safety and being involved. He asked the kids what they would do if their older brother or sister began texting while driving. The kids answered correctly by saying they would tell the driver to stop texting and made a promise to do the right thing.


After speaking about the dangers of texting while driving the audience was asked if they had questions. Kids questions were quite amusing but also just as frank. One kid asked; “How do people get healthy.” Quince’s responded saying, “That’s a good question, isn’t that a good question?” everyone cheered, “People get healthy by creating good habits. You get up in the morning, you go to school and you put good things in your lunch box; fruits, vegetables you guys are learning to eat good things creating good habits. No Snicker bars you can put those downs those were for Halloween. You also exercise that’s important,” said Quince.

Another amusing question and answer began when a little boy asked Quince how many pushup he could do. “I don’t know how many push ups I can do, why don’t you come up and do them with me,” responded Quince and then asked the boy to Climb on his back as he executed several pushups.


As Quince encouraged the kids to ask questions he also offered suggestions such as enjoying the outdoors by riding bikes, running with friends and just have fun with each other. Quince also led the crowd in various exercises in the gym. The workout was full of laughter which filled the gym.

Quince’s new book “The 3-1-2-1 Diet: Eat and Cheat Your Way to Weight Loss – Up to 10 Pounds in 21 Days,” was also just published by Grand Central Publishing and released on Nov. 12.

As the kids were leaving they were given a gift bag that included an autographed photo of Quince along with healthy information pamphlets. As they were leaving one little boy summed it all up saying, “Whew that was hard work but it was a lot of fun.”


Dolvett Quince visits Sacramento via @sacramentopress

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