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“The Birds” of Sacramento

If you stand near the corner of 7th and K Street in the early morning hours as the sun starts to rise and the downtown area comes back to a full roaring existence after mellowing for a few hours during the darkness, you can be witness to a scene straight out of a Hollywood classic film.  It begins with an isolated ‘caw’.  Soon, it is followed by another and another and another and another…  The sounds of dozens of blackbirds screaming out at the top of their lungs draws your attention to the skies above this section of downtown adjacent to St. Rose of Lima Park.

You look up and witness a scene which is reminiscent of  Alfred Hitchcock‘s film, The Birds.  The winged animals perform an aerial ballet which is full of beauty and wonder but, somewhere in the more primitive part of your brain, you also feel a bit of fear and concern.  You almost unconsciously conjour up images of the fantastic movie made by the master of psychological drama.  This is especially true when you realize(yes, I looked it up on MapQuest), that 7th and K is only about 100 miles from Bodega Bay, California, the setting of this film classic.  You can easily imagine the birds swooping down on early morning commuters and students on the way to school, attacking them as they did in the movie.

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