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Sacramento needs a leader, not a king (Opinion)

Mayor Kevin Johnson

Dear Mayor Johnson and Sacramento Tomorrow Supporters:

Please stop pushing for the return of the strong-mayor initiative. It is too soon to do a victory lap, too soon for you to think that the goodwill you have created by keeping the Kings in town is going to carry the day on the strong-mayor issue.

The building of the arena is going to the ballot unless you refocus your star power and energy on connecting with your community and explaining to us why this project benefits us. The community feels left behind by the city on this issue, and feels that the only option we have for participation in the process is to get the arena on the ballot.

I personally support the arena, but I am just one community activist. Tasking Joshua Wood from Region Builders to be your point guard does not convince residents of the value of the project. He represents the interests of the building industry – which stand to make a great deal of money off the this project.

If you want to keep this off the ballot, roll up your sleeves and get to work. It would also be helpful if you regularly attended council meetings. We do not need a “jet set” mayor. We need a mayor to dig in and get things done. Why should we believe you’ll actually show up for the job on a regular basis if you were anointed a “strong mayor?”

Take the strong-mayor initiative off the table again and focus on what is important – keeping the Kings in Sacramento and getting the arena built. The job is not done. The game is not won. Stop doing your victory lap and spending what little political currency you have generated from saving the Kings on what is perceived by many as a power grab.

This city has been blessed with strong leaders such as mayors Joe Serna, Heather Fargo and Anne Rudin during my time in Sacramento. Please, Mayor Johnson, focus on being a good leader and stop this grab for power. 

Editor’s note: 

This article was an op-ed submitted by a community contributor. The Sacramento Press is an open platform. If you have views on a local issue that you want to publish on the site, email your draft to soapbox[at]sacramentopress.com. 

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Do you support the latest strong mayor intiative? Share your thoughts below. 

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