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Featured Artist: Cherie Hacker

Today’s Featured Artist is mixed media artist and ceramicist Cherie E. Hacker. Her work can be seen at E Street Gallery and Studios in Sacramento.

CH: I can clearly visualize a painting from thirty years ago when I first attempted an abstract painting. Not knowing what I was doing, I knew a desire was present in me to express that way. More than any way of working, this comes through me on a gut level. Time spent in nature feeds the imagery I use, yet figurative impressions also can appear. I studied with artists Wayne Thiebaud and Roy DeForest as an undergraduate at UC Davis, but was influenced more by exposure to Abstract Expressionism while in grad school on the East Coast. Self motivated to make art while growing up in Chicago; my passion for painting has brought me to this place now.


SAHC: Can you give us a brief description of your creative process? What is your preferred medium and style?

CH: My intuition guides me. I paint in layers with oils while making use of other media that have a tactile look and feel. My energy emerges, drawing through the paint, graffiti like, yet undefined. It’s not about a specific technique although I develop my own way of working throughout time and experience. I typically work on three to five paintings at a time. That is to say, while I focus on one painting, then step back to pause, whatever way I’m working may contribute to another that stands nearby, or possibly that I just need to move away from one, thus turn my attention to another, and perhaps the color that I’m using may work someplace else. However it manifests, that is the way my brain works. My brain seems to need my body to move around the room stimulating more of my senses. I work large when possible to be physical with the work as it becomes an extension of me in a holistic sense. I paint primarily with canvases hung on the wall; however others stand by on easels or may lie on the studio floor. I let the painting become with each new discovery.


SAHC: As a Sacramento artist what responsibilities do you believe that you have to the local and the global community?

CH: Local responsibility: to educate and help to promote the value of artists and of all art disciplines through participation in thecommunity with quality art experiences and by providing art education as a “Teaching Artist.” Also, to volunteer whenever possible to share my expertise, contribute to art events, and be an audience member as well.

Global responsibility: to make conscious decisions on art material use and waste concerning my eco-footprint and health. I also work ongoing on my “Lamp & Endtable Project,” an environmental art project with an intent to stimulate awareness and thought about respect for the planet.

SAHC: What advice do you have for emerging artists, or those pursuing a career in the arts?

CH: Stay strong in the face of adversity. Keep working and developing your art from your heart and follow your intuition. Network with other artists and at events; be kind and mindful of our diverse community.

SAHC: Who are some of your favorite Sacramento Artists, and why?

CH: To be honest, I’ve made friends with many Sacramento artists and to say they’re my favorites would be biased. I appreciate the variety and skill levels I see at local shows, and the courage it takes to put yourself out there.

SAHC: Where are some of your favorite Art/ Art History resources found?

CH: Definitely museums, especially the Smithsonian. I’ve found that museum visits in any city or country will enlighten the viewer for historical content and inspiration, besides their websites for further research. Museum stores also offer great art books and exhibition catalogs to collect and share with others.

SAHC: Is there anything else about the arts here in Sacramento that you would like share with our reader?

CH: We have a vibrant art community in Sacramento, get out and explore all we have to offer and bring the kids!

 Where can your work be viewed, or found online?

CH: E Street Gallery and Studios 1115 E Street – 2nd Saturdays and by appointment; Axis Gallery 1517 19th St– Dec/Jan Group Show, and a February 2014 Solo Show of new work. www.hackerartpub.com

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