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Rules to Live (or Die) By

Rules; they are what binds us all. From the survival of an organism to the complex rules of nature they are the ties that bind us all. Break em and you are out, abide and you are in. Just stand outside the county jail for a few moments and you see what happens when you fall out of line. Simply put life is a jumble of freedoms, barriers, goals and purposes that bang into these said barriers called the rules of the game.  

One common denominator in all this rule making is communication dos and donts. In the case of Old Sacramento nowhere are the rules so punitive and harsh. Put out a sandwich board communicating your livelyhood and you will most likely have a visit letting you know that when it comes to the boardwalk you are not allowed to be there and to communicate. Recent rules have been inacted crushing protests in certian places too but that is another chapter. Here we are talking about Old Sacramento and its stiff rules on where and how to communicate.

Old Sacramento has some of the harshest rulemaking in the commercial world  one could certianly state. The boardwalks are sacred ground in a land where preserving our history and chasing the american dream are in costant visa-vis.

 Enter in a new business women by the name of Lisa owner of The Olive Mix. This new store has a really nice focus on tthe Olive and its many applications to the culinary world. In there quest to grab the attention of the overwhelmed tourists glazed eyes, Lisa made a modest "sandwichboard" menu sign. Portable enough to bring in and out and change daily the offerings of the shop and to hopefully pull in the many visiters of Sacramentos leading tourist destination.

The sign worked and was leading tourists in for a quality greek salad. But code is code and Lisa was forced to take it down or else face fines. and the wrath of the city. Lets be clear. here was an act of promotion that led tourists to a quality experience and subsequent good PR for Old Sacramento and the stripping away of the long standing prejidice that Old Sacramento was for those seeking out cheap tourist food without integrity.  Here is policy designed to stop effective communication to a better experience for tourists and Sacramento citizens alike. This writer asks one question. If policy is bad for everybody, why does it take so long to fix when livelihoods are at stake?  

Good management and policy has a sense of urgency when the rules are not working. to better a group.  Good management also rewards good works and punishes the bad.



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