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Farm to Fork Festival: Photos


Saturday afternoon was a beautiful time to stroll down the capital mall. If perchance you did, you would have encountered the Sacramento Farm to Fork Festival. Both sides of the mall were fenced off for about a 4 block area and there was evidence to support the generally accepted fact that Sacramento is the Farm to Fork capital of America.

Sustainable agri-businesses showcased their products, farmers markets, and supermarkets provided samples of local foods, and restaurants touting their Farm to Fork menus invited you to taste and to visit.

I was at the Sacramento Culinary Salon in the Bank of the West building and took a couple of hours off watching the competition to see what this Farm to Fork thing was all about. See the article about the Culinary Salon here. http://www.sacramentopress.com/headline/87022/Farm_to_Fork_Culinary_Salon_Photos

Here are the photos that I captured as I strolled down the mall on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.



Sacramento celebratiing as America’s Farm to Fork Capital.



Green Acres local nursery promoting the idea of urban farming.


They were offering a 4 x 4 foot complete urban farm as a prize.



Talking it up about urban farming.


These dog owners (really their dogs) insisted that this was about farm to bowl and not farm to fork.

The Institute of Technology, a sponsor of the Culinary Salon was there to talk about responsible food preparation.



Educating the public about urban agriculture.


Lucca and Roxy Restaurants demonstrate that you can really do farm to fork by pasture raising their own beef for use and consumption in their dining rooms.


Many local restaurants depend on local fish, such as sea bass, from the Passmore Ranch.



Passmore ranch sturgeon. Not really the petting kind of pets but don’t tell the little lady that!



Local goats of various shapes and sizes are used for their milk. The primary use is for artisan cheeses which were shown off in a number of markets at the festival.







More farm to bowl fans!

Long lines were to be found at the nugget tent where sampling of locally sourced specialties was extremely popular.







A testament to local agriculture. Not all big things are in Texas!


Raleys with a similar sample line up.


Vega Farms delivers to local markets and restaurants about twice a week. Note the restaurants where one can enjoy these local eggs in the next photo.




Savemart also experienced high  demand for their samples of ice cream, apple juice, and artisan cheeses.



Not to be outdone by the high tech motor vehicles, this contraption was on display in front of the Savemart sample tent.


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I am an event and landscape photographer with experience covering a wide range of local events. I have been shooting as a professional for 10 years after a lifelong passion for photography.

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