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Farm to Fork Culinary Salon: Photos


As part of the week long Farm to Fork event the American Culinary Federation and the California Capital Chef’s Association brought together student and professional chefs to compete in the ACF sanctioned event, The Sacramento Farm to Fork Culinary Salon. At stake were ceritificates of merit, bronze, silver, and gold medals, and $500 for the top chef of the competition.


Frank Sweeny presents an overview of the Culinary Salon in this video


(embed Youtube video here)  http://youtu.be/KtncBd02SjQ





Winning scores for the competition are based on a standard against which all chefs are judged. The scores are based on preparation of the area for cooking, the cooking process, the final product esthetics, the final product taste, and cleanup of the work area. This standards based scoring ensures that all competitors are on an even scale as they are judged. Depending on the scores, it may not be possible that bronze, sliver, and gold medals are awarded in each category of the competition.


Student Chefs prepared a roast chicken dish as part of the savoury competition. Here is a shrimp and chicken jambalaya being created by Chef Cynthia Phillips.



Her finished dish.

Chef Conrad Caguimbaz’s dish.



Everything prepped on the mise en place.

Sauteing sesonal vegetables.


Finished with a little alcohol.


Chef Conrad plating his dish.



In keeping with the sustainability theme of the Farm to Fork movement three containers were available for the waste. Trash, recycled materials, and compost.


Chef Kevin Chan plates his sea bass.



Master Chef, and judge, Dieter Dopplefeld watches as Kevin prepares his dish.


Plated, completed dishes are taken away for judging.


Chef Mauro Rossi pares small artichokes for his dish.


The plating begins.


Completed dishes.


Chef Melanie Shalchian demonstrates her knife skills on a yam.


Using a mandolin on a rutabaga.

Filetting the sea bass.


Plating her dishes



Chef Melanie’s dishes are off to the judging table.

Chef Colette’s dessert.



Chef Mauro’s dessert.


Chef Melanie with her sea bass dish talks to ‘The Produce Man’, Michael Marks of Good Day Sacramento.




Chef Cynthia’s Jambalaya along with another chicken plate.






Chef Mauro’s completed sea bass dish.

The awards ceremony was held at 5 PM on Saturday. The Produce man acted as MC with help from Chef Don Dickinson.



Bronze medal winning students are interviewed by "The Produce Man" Michael Marks.

Chef Colette being presented with a bronze medal by judges Walter Leible, and John Hui.



The judges take a moment out of the presentation time to chat.


Chef Mauro receives a silver medal for his dessert dish.




Chef Cynthia receives her bronze medal and awards.



Chef Paul Richardson shows off his bronze medal.


Chef Marisol Ellas and her bronze medal award.


A happy Chef Dana Mengote and the judges.


Chef Kamal Guilbeaux and his gold medal. Chef Kamal was also the recipient of the $500 cash prize for best chef of the show.


Chef Melaine Shalchian accepts a bronze medal from Don DIckinson.



The second of two medals for Chef Mauro Rossi, a bronze in the savoury category.



Chef Kevin Chan with a sliver medal for his sea bass dish.


Chef Conrad, also with a sliver in the savoury category..

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