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Dutch cycling Blogger Praises and Criticizes Biking in Davis

Dutch cyclist and blogger Mark Wagenbuur visited the United States on vacation this June, and used the opportunity to film a short documentary on biking in various cities, including Davis. The video was picked up by UpWorthy.com and has gone viral among cyclists.

For the most part, Wagenbuur didn’t like what he saw stateside. In the video, he bemoans the lack of bike infrastructure, and says it’s the principal reason why cyclists are 30 times more likely to be injured while riding in the United States than in the Netherlands.

Even relative US bike nirvana Davis doesn’t escape his critique. He praises the city’s bike parking racks, and says biking in Davis is more “for everyday purposes and less like a sport,” and “almost looks dutch,” but also cites a lack of infrastructure like bike lanes and concludes “that’s probably why some people choose to ride in Lycra and with helmets.”

He concludes the video on a positive note, and points to the growth of bike share systems across the country as a potential catalyst for change in the way cycling is viewed and conducted in the United States. This is particular relevant for Sacramento, as SACOG is currently considering funding for a bike share program in the Sacramento region that would include Davis.

“It’s a good thing that many cities in the US are getting a shared bike system,” he says. “It may change the type of cycling from this more racing type to a more relaxed variety”

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